With its first school opened in Ningbo in 2014, Hurtwood House China has established a network of sister schools under the banner “HD schools.” All of our schools offer students a fully bilingual education that blends the best of the West and the Chinese curricula. As the school motto “Education Creates Character” indicates, Hurtwood House China provides students with a broad and balanced learning experience - one in which tradition meets creativity and East meets West.

HD Schools (HD Shanghai, Ningbo, and soon Beijing and Qingdao) benefit from a strong relationship with Hurtwood House, our partner school in the UK. It draws on Hurtwood’s experience and expertise at providing an all-round education where children, not only achieve excellent academic results, but also develop interests and skills to prepare them for the challenges of life beyond school. With this in mind, HD Schools’ curriculum offers a broad range of opportunities designed to develop intellectual growth, physical and emotional health, artistic endeavors, creativity and service to others.

The Schools are committed to fostering truly bilingual and bicultural students, enabling them to gain competency in both Mandarin and English, as well as preparing them culturally for life in an increasingly interconnected world. Our curriculum is taught using a dual-language immersion approach; students benefit from lessons delivered by native speakers of English and Chinese, with some subjects taught with both teachers in the same classroom. As well as supporting students to become bilingual, the low student-teacher ratio enables HD Schools to deliver a highly personalized approach to learning.

In keeping with our partner school, Hurtwood House, HD Schools’ ethos, values and curriculum will help to foster a strong and supportive school community. We are looking to build a team who are strongly motivated and enjoy participating in all aspects of school life. Teachers who have not experienced a bilingual program before will enjoy the challenge and learn new and transferable skills in the process.

Check out our established HD schools in China:

HD Ningbo Schoolhttp://nb.hdschools.org/
Shanghai HD Bilingual Schoolhttp://sh.hdschools.org/
HD Beijing SchoolComing Soon!

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