International School Alliance of China or ISAC is a government certified recruitment firm (Licensed by the Ministry of Human Resources). We work with public universities, public high and primary schools in China to bring qualified educators into Chinese classrooms. We are based in Hangzhou, a city with both western influrence and Chinese traditional culture. ISAC’s mission is to bring responsible and qualified teachers into Chinese classrooms and assist them with a safe, smooth and trustworthy transition at their host schools.

Teach in China Program

ISAC Teach in China Program is a sum of teaching programs ISAC run to recruit teachers at the participating schools. ISAC work consistently and dedicatedly to improve the program standards to bring more teachers into Chinese public universities and schools.

  1. University Teaching Program: we work with public universities in China including Shanghai Normal University, Zhejiang Financial College in Hangzhou, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics in Nanchang etc.
  2. Hangzhou Program: we work with Hangzhou Education Bureau to host foreign teachers at public primary & secondary schools in Hangzhou, one of the most beautiful and foreigner friendly cities in China.
  3. National Teaching Program: we work with public primary & secondary schools in areas out of Hangzhou. We wish to become the Chinese version of South Korea’s EPIK and Japan’s JET program.

We hope that teachers who come to China can have the most fulfilled ‘Chinese experience’. You can explore different parts of China at our participating institutions in Yunnan (famous for its diverse ethnics), Jiangxi (famous for the greenery), Fujian (for coastal scene and seafood) and many more provinces. Keep an open mind and live your fullest expat life in China. Come join us for the 2019/20 school year!

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