Joy English Language School, established in 1981, has over 100,000 students across 500 schools in 100 cities throughout China. Ranging from the tropical south coast, buzzing costal metropolises, ancient central capitals like Xian and Luoyang, Sichuan province, home of the giant panda, the wide open plains of Inner Mongolia, to the ski hills and hot springs of Northeastern Heilongjiang province, home to the world famous ice and snow festival an amazing cultural journey awaits you. We believe that taking excellent care of our teachers and providing them with opportunities to grow and develop is the key to a successful school. As a result we go far above and beyond the standard in China to ensure that our teachers are satisfied with their career with Joy. As a result our average length of service is typically over 3 years, which is almost unheard of in a Chinese language school. The atmosphere is high energy, student centred, interactive and fun in the classrooms, and we are dedicated to providing the best education for our students. Joy's motto and approach to teaching is: “Learning is Fun”. We integrate engaging activities and games into the learning process so our students are highly motivated to learn, making your experience as a teacher both rewarding and enjoyable. Class sizes are small delivering a high level of individual attention to each student, maximizing their classroom time to achieve results far beyond those of their public school peers. Our teaching philosophy is to provide a highly interactive learning environment where our students are taught English in a practical and contextual way. Students build the confidence to use their English language skills to communicate in a realistic context. We integrate storytelling, audio visual stimulus, role-plays, songs, chants and a wide range of other activities to really bring the teaching content to life. Our curriculum and methodology achieves outstanding results for our students and we believe in building long term student teacher relationships, so you can really see the positive impact you are making with your students over the course of your career at Joy.

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