Learning for Future (Beijing) Education Technology Co., Ltd. (Leaning for Future) specializes in far-sighted education development, promotion and introduction of world-leading courses, and the organization of students’ participation in science popularization activities and international competitions. Established in 2014, Learning for Future has integrated high quality education resources with distinguished international universities and institutions from north America and Europe and joint efforts to introduce to China STEM education. By partnering with local education authority and public schools, Learning for Future have launched professional development in STEM courses for administrators in education bureaus, school administrators and excellent teachers, and organized students’ participation in the high-end summer and winter STEM training camps in the US and Europe.  We have established cooperation with 20 public schools in STEM class, trained 500 administrators and teachers in education system, and engaged 3,000 students in STEM courses in Beijing. In the future, we work to benefit more students in the society, and our goal is to facilitate challenges and competitions in the 21st century faced by students with abilities of integrating interdisciplinary knowledge within the STEM fields.

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