The Learning Tree is an innovative school nestled among the artist colonies and international schools of north-east Beijing. Founded in 2013 by British and Chinese educationalists, The Tree is successful and growing with happy students, teachers, support staff and parents. We need one more outstanding teacher to complete the team.

What sets The Learning Tree apart from other schools is the flexibility afforded to students to study what they want in a curriculum founded in curiosity and their own questions. With small classes, passionate teachers, and full support from the entire team, students are currently doing projects in the evolution of birds, admiralty law, gravity, and music theory. Outside their more conventional classes, The Learning Tree is at the forefront of Project-Based Learning in China. Students have designed an environmental protection website, made safety signs which are in place along a local river and they are now creating a full sales-pitch for a zombie video game.

One of the fundamental ways in which we are trying to improve education is through research and innovation. This means working closely with students, parents and the government to establish needs and provide effective solutions. Some of our most recent projects have included developing a positive behaviour system for unmotivated students, producing SSAT materials specifically for Chinese learners, and developing a new weekend programme for city kids to get out into the wild.

Aside from positive students, we are most proud of our highly motivated, ambitious and creative team. Split evenly between Chinese and international educators, the diversity of education, experience and background, all working together, is one of our greatest strengths. Our team, both academic and support staff, are graduates of universities all around the world from Cambridge to Beijing; Barcelona to New York with a range of undergraduate degrees. Teachers have formally taught all over the globe in public schools, private schools, international schools, language training centres and universities; they’ve also been IELTS examiners, teacher trainers, translators, MBA graduates and entrepreneurs. Everyone in the team has an equal voice and time to develop new ideas, and this has also allowed members without any background in education to take a vital role in our success.

It is very important for us that teachers are not only enthused and motivated but also that we help everyone in the organisation to work towards their future long-term goals. Professional development is funded and can include further training, qualifications or time for side projects. Teachers have gone on to write walking guides in the UK, work in a New York high school, the Teach for Australia programme, international school curriculum development in Shanghai, the British government and US politics.

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