A revolution in education is long overdue. We’re still stuck in an industrial age paradigm of education and the problems with that are becoming increasingly worrying and apparent. Lecturing children for more than 6 hours a day, is incredibly unnatural and terribly ineffective. We have an environment in which the student experiences a complete lack of freedom and control, which interferes with the development of their personal responsibility and autonomy. The learning experience is far from personalized, and provides no outlet for the unique passions and interests of each student. The way we do education today has very little to do with the way knowledge and skills are used in the real world. What most children go through each day in school is incredibly mind-numbing and boring, no wonder they are less happy in school than any other setting. The problems are too many and there is no doubt that a radical, revolutionary change is needed at the fundamental level. How do we bring about such a change? These problems are not new, and many around the world have offered solutions. We are deeply inspired by paradigms like democratic education, project-based-learning, inquiry based learning, etc and we consider the following as exemplars for what education should be like: - Democratic Schools like Summerhill School, Sudbury Valley School - Big Picture Learning Schools - Montessori Education - Reggio Emilia Approach - EdVisions Schools - Expeditionary Learning Schools - Individual schools like BrightWorks, Wooranna Park, Odyssey School, High Tech High, etc. The list is by no means exhaustive. Our vision is to create a school where the learning is self-driven and autonomous to a large extent, an aspect that is common to all the schools in the list above. The idea is to stand on the shoulder of such giants. Experience teaching and leading in such schools is the key requirement for applicants. The Marathon School Project is an attempt to bring home and further evolve paradigms of self-driven, 21st century education.

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