Pioneer World School is run by Shakuntala Trust - a non-profit organization supported by a parent organization involved in setting up schools and primary health clinics as part of its community outreach initiative. Through Pioneer, the Trust intends to create a truly international school that nurtures learners to become responsible and capable world citizens.

With a strong focus on outcome-based learning, Pioneer has been conceptualized to foster creativity and application ability through personal attention to children's learning needs. The School offers Toddler to Grade 12 learning based on a modern curriculum standard that prepares children to achieve their true individual potential in a socially active community.

Pioneer World School of Hyderabad empowers every learner with the experience, knowledge, skills and disposition to be an architect of their own future.  We are a community that learns together and contributes to the greater benefit of others in Hyderabad and beyond.

Hyderabad is a city emerging as an Indian and global center of 21st Century economic and cultural development.  Information, biotechnical and other high tech industries craft an ethos of innovation with roots firmly planted in our rich cultural history as a center of diverse peoples living harmoniously together.

The learning program at the Pioneer World School captures and integrates this rich ensemble of culture, technology, diversity and arts; in its pursuit of authentic and meaningful learning. We work through integrating the context of STEAM education (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) as a lens to explore the world around us, understand the discoveries of the past, and the possibilities we can create together for the future.

The foundation of our STEAM curriculum program is  CAIE ( Cambridge Standards). This highly regarded standards framework is focused on challenging and engaging students, to promote deeper learning and develop critical thinking skills.


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