Montebello Academy will offer a culture of learning that prepares our students to go out into the world ready to compete for real choices in career or profession, where they will live and share the message of Jesus Christ.


Montebello learning begins with international standards according to what the best universities in the world determine to be readiness for secondary education rigor in a chosen discipline. Montebello Academy accomplishes its learning objectives by training its teachers in a methodology designed to produce deep and transferable understanding of the subject matter as opposed to memorization of facts and content. Montebello Academy emphasizes the use of what is being learned as a vehicle to carry out into the world Bible based values as modeled in the life and teaching of Jesus Christ.


We use a hybrid core methodology to achieve international benchmarks borrowed from the most effective educational systems in the world. 

We reach out to our community and the country to provide education to kids in every socioeconomic strata, who as a result will be able to compete anywhere in the world.

As a Microsoft Showcase School, we are recognized leaders in Ecuador and abroad for our successful educational model.

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