MyChamp was dedicated to teaching research and development at the beginning of its establishment, which has been working for scientific research for years. With the in-depth understanding the operating pattern of the industry on the market, and in order to offer a better service for local students, Yuhan Education invested and ran the Sesame Street English in 2014. And after two years, according to local actual situation, we are running our own brand My Champ English Funplex (hereinafter referred as to My Champ), and our goal is to become the leading brand of English Training in Taiyuan.

Yuhan will mainly focus on building the brand of My Champ in the future, and the on-going Sesame Street English will be converted into My Champ gradually. Almost all the campuses were in the shopping mall, because of the high entry threshold of the shopping mall, to a certain extent, it can also guarantee the quality of the brand. My Champ is working on creating a pure American English environment for kids from 2 to 18, and will open more schools in Taiyuan and surrounding cities in the future.

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