The Nanjing Foreign Languages School (NFLS) Xianlin is partnered with Tower Bridge International Education to operate an international early childhood education program for grades PreK – Primary. NFLS, also known as Nan-Wai, is one of the seven oldest Foreign Language Schools in China and is regularly recognized as one of the best schools in China. Established in 1963, NFLS currently operates 3 campuses offering diverse international programming. The main campus is renown for preparing students to study abroad and is rated amongst the top 20 schools in China for sending students overseas for higher education studies.

Founded in 2002, NFLS Xianlin is the first branch campus opened by NFLS and hosts students from PreK- 12 on multiple campus centers in the Xianlin University City in the Qixia District. The early childhood education program is known as a top program in Nanjing, where the school focuses on whole child development in a bilingual learning environment.

The NFLS Xianlin kindergarten campus is located within the Nanjing Xianlin University City, where over 10 major universities and dozens of K-12 schools are located. It is a high-energy academic district filled with undergraduate and graduate students passionate about learning and a diverse mix of local and foreign educators. University campuses filled with modern architecture and green space compliment nearby parks that scatter the vast complexes, setting a unique environment for learning and leisure. Nearly 15% of all enrolled university students from the Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces attend university in this area. The youthful energetic environment, expansive urban green space, and community focus on academics, combine to make Xianlin an ideal place to live for both experienced and new to China foreign teachers.

The NFLS Xianlin international early childhood education program is focused on Pre-K – Primary school aged students. Teachers will be responsible to develop creative and engaging lesson plans delivered in a US style classroom. Lessons are high-energy, fun, and create a welcoming environment where students love to show up each day. Our teachers must have a deep love to work with and academically & emotionally support young students.

Teachers that excel in NFLS Xialin are comfortable designing and executing curriculum as part of a small teaching team. Those who are dynamic, love working with young students, are highly collaborative, have strong cross-cultural acumen, and are committed to professional growth will succeed at the school.

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