Nansha College Preparatory Academy’s mission is to deliver a comprehensive education that will empower its students to achieve academic success. The NCPA experience begins with a rigorous academic program, where students are challenged and excited by what they learn.

One of the drivers of NCPA students' success has been the school’s groundbreaking English immersion program. NCPA is a founding participant in the World Language Initiative (WLI), a program developed by one of its parent organizations, the International Schools Service of Princeton, New Jersey. NCPA teachers are experienced educators, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about what they teach, and absolutely committed to their students' learning. NCPA teachers strive to develop close relationships with their students because understanding them is critical when supporting their learning.

Almost 90% of NCPA’s class of 2016 earned at least one passing score on the AP. Based on data from the College Board, this performance is comparable to that of the highest-ranked schools in California and better than those in Illinois and New York.

Teacher benefits include the following: retirement fund, housing, medical and dental insurance, moving-in expenses, a settling-in allowance, PD allowance and visa assistance.

Current openings include the following: IT Specialist, Planning/Communications Assistant and High School Math Teacher.

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