We are a small bilingual elementary school located in a residential district of Warsaw called Włochy. We conduct the Polish and Canadian curricula for grades 1 to 8. Our program offers children the opportunity to learn Polish and English simultaneously. Daily classes in English are conducted in accordance with the proven method of Immersion using modern Canadian and British materials. 

The primary aim of the school is to prepare the children to cope in the modern world. In addition to their ability to function and learn in two languages ​​simultaneously, of great importance to us are other aspects of the child’s development such as:

  • social and emotional development
  • ability to think independently and to experiment
  • ability to take risks
  • ability to seek for and analyse information independently
  • confidence building
  • assertiveness and ability to speak in public
  • ability to cooperate, negotiate and make decisions together

Equally important is the physical health of the child, therefore, the aim of the school will be to develop healthy habits such as:

  • daily exercise in the fresh air
  • proper sitting
  • principles of healthy nutrition
  • ecological attitude

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