The establishment of Octopus Education originates from the newspaper column "Octopus Parents". The two writers, Daddy Thomas Chiu and Daddy Lok Leung, share their children raising experience through the column and they are strongly against "spoonfed" and are strong advocates of happy learning and the development of good moral value. The two Daddies, with their personal experiences and consultation from educators, experienced teachers and education psychologists, have researched on English and music courses that suit the Octopus believe and are now sharing them to all parents.


Octopus EducationOE is located at the cultural, economic and political center of Dong guan. As for political center, 100 meters away from Municipal Government, As for cultural center, 100 meters from the biggest library, the Science Museum, and Youth Activities Center. As for economic center, 200 meters from one shopping mall, Aeon-Japan United Stores Company. As for hotel and transportation, 300 meters from Kande International Hotels & Resorts- 5 star hotel, which has direct bus to Hong Kong, 3 km from Pullman- international hotel, 500 meters from subway station, which can reach High-speed railway station, train station as well as Bullet train.

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