So many things make OurPlanet International School Muscat unique.

Commitment to sustainability. Our World Topic of Sustainability drives academic inquiry and campus life, influencing how we approach subjects, how we manage our resources and how we explore the environment around us. Our students learn to become stewards of the planet, and to respect and cherish the world around us.

Multicultural environment. We enrol a mix of Omani and international students from around the globe, embracing the cultural and language traditions that enrich our learning environment and our lives.

Emphasis on multilingualism. We believe multilingualism enhances academic performance and fosters appreciation for people of other cultures. Our students learn in English and are supported to pursue additional language studies.

Project-based learning approach. Rather than “teaching to the test,” our educators guide students in collaborative learning projects that connect their academic inquiry to the real world and build critical thinking, communication and planning skills.

Exceptional academics. OurPlanet Muscat follows the International Baccalaureate curriculum, adapting this internationally recognised educational programme to the unique perspective of Oman and our focus on Sustainability. Your child will receive a world-class education at OurPlanet Muscat.

Supportive, caring teachers. Our educators are highly qualified, experienced and dedicated to providing students with one-to-one attention, personalised instruction and the encouragement that fosters a lifelong love of learning.

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