PKUHS Tianjin International Program (PTIP) is a school in Tianjin that is directly
subordinate to PKUHS (Peking University High School). We inherit the
liberty of thought” championed by Peking University, and have our own unique educational
philosophy. We devote ourselves to developing prominent citizens of character, confidence and
responsibility who are capable of insightful leadershi
came directly from PKUHS in Beijing. The team pioneered an agreement with an American
public school district: the students get a thorough fusion of Chinese and American education.
Based on complete synchronization o
curricula, teachers extract each subject’s unique perspective through the study of the subject’s
features and educational value; teachers establish life
that what students learn in high school is far more valuable than just the course credits they
PTIP immerses our students in a learning environment connected to society by cooperating
with a wide range of cross-field resources, optimizing learning projects in the
professionalism. PTIP is much more than a building: it is a platform where students can obtain
practical skills and face numerous challenges using communication, cooperation and
Courses like Arts, Physical Education, Technology,
aesthetics and creativity. Students learn to accept success and failure properly in competition and
cooperation. Club and association activities help cultivate students’ personalities, and extend
Chinese and American teachers learn from multiple dimensions of educational philosophy,
such as eco-school, holistic education, and positive psychology. At PTIP, we explore and
promote an personalized education plan for each student. Student
learning community that benefits both teachers and students, using

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