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Stay tuned for new positions at Saint Paul American Scholars. In the meantime, check out our job board for more teaching jobs worldwide.
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Stay tuned for new positions at Saint Paul American Scholars. In the meantime, check out our job board for more teaching jobs worldwide.

About Saint Paul American Scholars

Saint Paul American Scholars (SPAS) is designed to help teach young people to become responsible citizens and prepare students for college. That means that they must learn the key attributes of ethical behavior including courage, compassion, integrity, justice, truth, reason, fairness, respect, and honesty in addition to the core academic subjects. 

A positive school climate is characterized by quality teaching by instructors and effective learning by students. This requires a safe environment for all who work in and attend SPAS along with an emphasis on citizenship and adherence to rules applied equitably and fairly to all in the Saint Paul community. We believe that parents are essential partners in the educational process and must be properly involved and accountable for the achievement and behavior of their children.

SPAS disciplinary program makes provision for SPAS and the home to intervene in inappropriate student behavior as soon as possible. This intervention permits SPAS to call this conduct to the attention of the student and the parent or guardian, allowing parents/guardians and SPAS personnel to closely work together.

The Student Code of Conduct is designed to set high expectations for student behavior in support of learning.  In place within the handbook is a clear guideline for the progression of disciplinary action, as well as a reward-based system for positive behaviors in each classroom as in the school as a whole. SPAS promotes citizenship through Student of the Month themes, awards, and certificates.  

High behavioral expectations also apply when students ride the bus, are on school grounds before and after class, and participate in extracurricular activities. 

Some of the founding principles of the SPAS Student Code of Conduct include:

  • Trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship are essential to the well-being of individuals and society
  • All individuals have intrinsic value
  • Every individual can contribute something of worth to society
  • Individuals are responsible and accountable for their choices and decisions
  • To grow and thrive, individuals need caring relationships and a nurturing environment
  • Supportive family relationships are the foundation of the community
  • High expectations lead to higher performance which, in turn, empowers the individual and strengthens society
  • Continuous learning is a lifelong process that is essential to a productive and enriched life
  • SPAS’ success is due to its commitment to our students and excellence in academics


The vision for SPAS is to create a continuous path of education from kindergarten to college by applying data-driven decisions on learning to our American-style education system. The secondary program is the final step in our vision to bring your students a fully mapped education to students.  Our secondary program is designed to ready students for the rigors of college by acclimating them to commonly used computer programs, providing literacy growth opportunities, and implementing a more mature schedule and rigor in classroom instruction.  


SPAS focuses on the use of data-driven decision-making to guide students through their educational journey.  Our mission is: 

  • Data-Driven - to use data from our standardized, diagnostic tests to show growth and progress for students, parents, and teachers to apply and support learning
  • Student Development - to focus on student emotional growth, age-relevant maturity, respect, and self-control
  • Global Education - to deliver American-based education that enables global-mindedness and growth
  • English Instruction - to deliver all classes, assignments, and assessments in English
  • College Counseling - to build relevant preparations and skills for a student’s final step into the university level


  • Social Emotional Growth in students through SEL classes
  • Self-Regulated Behavior through learned routines, teacher support, and mentoring
  • Globalization Education by emphasizing the use of the English Language in instruction
  • Learning Various Cultures by exposure to diverse lessons and events planned throughout the year 
  • English  Instruction that leads to a student's ability to solve complex problems in English 
  • Friendship between students through safe and supportive learning environments
  • Teamwork between parents, students, and the school through meaningful communication.

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Saint Paul American Scholars contact information

Address: 18-1, Suji-ro, Suji-gu, Yongin-si, 41, 16862, South Korea
Phone: +82 1522-3026
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