Shanghai HD Bilingual School

Shanghai HD Bilingual School is a private bilingual school with courses from kindergarten and primary school to secondary school. HD School provides the comprehensive and international education solution for Chinese families who seek an authentic international education. Blending the best of international educational philosophy with Chinese curriculum, HD School provides students with a comprehensive and balanced learning experience. This is where tradition meets creativity and East meets West.

About HD UK: Hurtwood House (HD UK) is recognised as one of England’s most successful and honorable school, putting the vigour and enthusiasm back into education. With its outstanding academic record (the average A-level results ranking top 2 in recent seven years),  about 35% of Hurtwood House students are admitted into top 7 universities in UK; about 20% students go to top 5 universities like Oxford and Cambridge each year.

Our Chinese and international teachers are educators with a heart. They come from different cultures and are professionally qualified. 



Education Creates Character


Shanghai HD Bilingual School, founded in the best traditions of Chinese culture and outstanding international education concepts, is committed to fostering bilingual students with 21st century skills of Creativity, Critical-thinking, Collaboration and Communication.

Educational Approach

● High quality bilingual education

● Creativity and academic rigour

● Focus on 4C’s: Creativity, Collaboration, Communication & Critical-thinking

● 21st Century Skills
● Education Globalized Chinese

Recruitment phone:400 682 6728

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