American International School of Shenyang is a distinct private school located in Shenyang, the capital and largest city in China’s northeast Liaoning Province. Shenyang is the birthplace of the Qing Dynasty and has a long important history. Our school meets all international educational requirements of students from all nationalities. Education spans from kindergarten through 6th grade primary. Studying abroad is a common goal of our students. Our school is rich in programs and provides students with extensive knowledge of various subjects and opportunities to participate in relevant courses under the guidance of experienced international teachers. We are committed to creating a positive environment to cultivate students, to improve students’ academic knowledge level and to find individual innovative abilities to create unremitting efforts. The school has always maintained the best teacher-to-student ratios, provided adequate support, fully cultivated the student skills and facilitated development of student talents.


Our newly constructed campus in the heart of Shenyang holds enrollment for up to 300 students and boasts facilities that include: a swimming pool, mini golf course, gymnasium, crop farm, dream theater, outdoor rock climbing wall, library, Chinese and western food etiquette classroom, indoor play castle, art studio and a dance studio.

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