Sky Avenues International Kindergartens is committed to the service of the community, understanding that children are the major contributors to our future society. We strive together with the family and society beyond to create educational and personal excellence for the future harmony of our world.

As Fujian Province’s first and only Internationally Licensed kindergarten, we are incredibly proud of our group of schools. Opened in 2013, Sky Avenues International Kindergarten has rapidly grown from one classroom with just a few children to todays’ 3 kindergarten's  300 children from 0-6 years old.

More and more families are understanding the importance of a natural, organic, happy, holistic and respectful learning environment for their children. When this is married with English language immersion taught by trained, native English speaking teachers, we have a school that brings world education to the children of Xiamen. We currently follow 2 curriculums: an interdisciplinary programme that merges the best of many programmes world-wide  and the child-centred, mixed-age Montessori early years curriculum.



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