Gezhi High School is one of Shanghai’s top 10 high schools. With top-notch facilities, is located near the heart of Shanghai. The St. Paul American School program inside of Gezhi follows American curriculum and is intended to promote proficiency in Mathematics, Science, and English. The school was founded in 1874 by the government of the Qing Dynasty with the support of the British Consul General in Shanghai. Nine board of directors served the school, including four Chinese scholar officials, three British officials, an entrepreneur, and one American professor. Gezhi High School has maintained its academic leadership across three centuries. Shanghai Gezhi Science School was founded in the Fengxian District of Shanghai in September 2014. The campus covers an area of 21 square acres and a total construction area of 62,466 square meters, with state of the art facilities. In addition to traditional classrooms, eight study centers were built, including 39 science labs, in order to encourage individualized studies. To help foster the students’ curiosity and creativity, the Gezhi Fab Lab was also developed on the Shanghai Gezhi Science School and with operations opening in the fall of 2015. The Lab is the first to be developed in China in unison with M.I.T. and was brought to Fengxian to enable students to harness their imagination and innovative ideas. Students also have access to professional help from M.I.T. trained staff and faculty in various areas, as well as opportunities to attend the Global Fab Lab Summit where they can collaborate with students from all over the world.

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