Sunflower English is an English training school, owned, managed, and run, in Suzhou China since 2006. We now have 6 schools spread through the city center and two schools in suburbs and nearby towns. As a Training center, we provide afterschool and weekend classes to children aged 3 to 17.

Our approach to education is fairly simple; keep it fun, keep it authentic. We provide teachers with a full set of materials and lesson plans, but rely on individual teachers to bring their own experiences and understanding of English into the classroom. Our company structure is based around the idea that input from the foreign staff, and their initiative in the classroom is the foundation of a successful business. Our new school opened recently, and we need new teachers to come and join our educational family.

Currently we have 8 foreign teachers from the UK, US, and Canada; many of them have been working with us for many years. Joining Sunflower is to become a part of our foreigner family away from home.

Part of our willingness to stay long term comes down to the city of Suzhou itself. Although it is quickly growing into one of Chinese rising stars, Suzhou still has the feeling of a large town but with the amenities of a world capitol; when combined with its kind people and historic appeal, it is a wonderful place to live. If you are looking for a one year adventure in a beautiful new world, or intending to put down roots in the thriving soil of China proper, please contact us and look into joining our team here at Sunflower English.

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