Vinschool is a high-quality K-12 non-profit school system in Vietnam. Equipped with state of the art educational resources and facilities, Vinschool aspires to bring world-class education to the young generations of Vietnam and inspire positive, transformational changes among the education community in Vietnam. . We diligently strive to build on the values of national education whilst refining the very best that international education has to offer.

Vinschool's launch pad is not only a solid economic foundation and Vingroup's corporate culture, but most importantly the passion and talent of gifted teachers who come together from many prestigious educational establishments to work as a team, to contribute and lead in efforts to create an innovative and high quality educational enviroment for our students. 

After 03 academic years, Vinschool Education System has enrolled about 13,000 students from K-12, and attracted more than 1,400 talents to be a part of our vision and mission.

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