Wonderland English School founded and established in Hunan Province China in 2014. Wonderland English believes English is used for communicative purposes and is to be used by the learners for better job opportunities inside and outside China. Wonderland English aims to build and develop the personality of the learners, to uplift their sense of self-value, to improve their living conditions and thus uplift their living quality. The mission of Wonderland English is to provide advanced international English education to Chinese students and help them become world class talents in the future. 


With over 5 years development, the unique teaching ideology and teaching pattern, Wonderland English has attracted talented foreign teachers from more than 10 countries worldwide to come and work here. Wonderland English has witnessed the whole learning process of numerous students from ‘Dumb English’ to ‘Free Conversation’. Thousands of students come from all over the country to learn English in Wonderland English with the purpose of getting a better score in examinations, studying abroad, immigration or employment after taking the ‘Total Immersion English’ courses of Wonderland English, their comprehensive English levels have very significantly improved within a short time and their English abilities have become more competitive. English has broadened their horizons and changed their lives. 

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