XSEED Education is globally transforming K-8 education from rote to learning, from "telling" to teaching. Its 5-step method builds thinking skills and problem-solving confidence in children. XSEED serves over 1 million children in 8 countries. 

KEY OFFERINGS: The XSEED School Learning Program replaces “rote-chalk-and-talk” with a well researched five step process to teach every concept effectively using clear curricular aims, hands-on activities, reflective analysis, application and assessment. Visible benefits of XSEED are curiosity, confidence, ability to reflect, and higher order thinking skills in children. The XSEED ‘classroom toolkit’ includes over 10,000 step-by-step teaching plans, application-oriented student learning materials, and skill-focused assessment to provide individualized feedback. Year-round coaching and training situated in the classroom equips teachers with the know-how necessary to continuously improve classroom practice. XSEED is now harnessing the power of technology to personalize learning for every child, with digital school- and home-based learning interventions under development. XSEED has been featured among the top educational innovations in the world in “Learning Re-Imagined” (published by the WISE Summit) and featured as a case-study by MIT’s Legatum Center. 

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