Xue Bang Online is the largest B2B online teaching platform in China.

Many students are from 2nd and 3rd tier cities who seldom have the chance to communicate and study English with certified/professional teachers.

To support our equal learning opportunity mission, we are seeking native English speakers for our program. Instead of following the previous model of providing education platform for individual customer, Xue Bang Online reform the business pattern and focus on providing competitive teaching products for training institutions and public schools. With its various marketing channel, Xue Bang Online wins enthusiastically support from cooperation partners and positive feedback from the training market as it effectively overcomes the high cost of obtaining individual customer, the teachers management problem and the limited online user experience.

Xue Bang Online has many public school resources in the second and third tier cities and some provincial regional resources which could help the company quickly and effectively spread the model, win the market size and establish the brand. Business model gradually mature, more and more key customer group, cooperation with United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Foreign Teachers Committee and International English Education Research Association, July in 2017 became a part of UNESCO-TALKMATE program. Xue Bang Education mission statement is “Never settle for less, always strive for the best”

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