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Assistant Elementary School Principal

Scope of Responsibilities:
The Assistant Elementary School Principal assists the Elementary School Principal in the performance of leadership responsibilities in the Elementary school division. This role entails leadership of people as well as management of systems. The specific responsibilities may vary depending upon strategic initiatives and the respective strengths of the Principal and Assistant Principal. Together, they will be responsible for bringing to life the mission, vision, and educational aims in the Elementary school, as well as developing a faculty of outstanding teachers. 


Leading for Learning:

  • Support the principal in maintaining a positive, purposeful, student-centred and learning-focused ethos within the elementary school
  • Be a highly visible, engaged presence within the elementary school among students, teachers and parents
  • Provide a constructive voice and critical ear to the deliberations of the elementary school leadership
  • Assist the principal in supervising the instructional program and creating a culture of high standards
  • Assist the principal in the observation and appraisal of individual teachers
  • Contribute to the coaching and professional development of faculty
  • Assist in the tracking and improvement of student learning, promoting the on-going collection, analysis and use of information about student learning (both qualitative and quantitative) in order to identify next steps in learning, systems-improvements, intervention strategies, and curriculum adaptations
  • Collaborate with colleagues to support strategic planning and the embedding of ISK’s Mission, Vision and Educational Aims in respective programmes
  • Actively support the selection, implementation, and monitoring of team learning goals
  • Assume leadership responsibilities as they evolve and as reasonably assigned.


Managing for Learning:

  • Serve as a member of the school-wide administration team, including contributing to on-going processes and procedures
  • Assist teachers, ES office staff, and the ICT Director with the ISK data management system and other related technical aspects related to the school’s rolling ICT vision plan
  • Manage the annual development of the master teaching schedule
  • Handle all student disciplinary matters, involving the principal on a consultative basis and in all cases involving major violations of school rules
  • Manage meetings and communications to have the maximum impact on student learning
  • Apply the design cycle in understanding challenges and identifying ideas for innovation
  • Act as principal when the elementary school principal is away from school
  • Fulfil emerging tasks to ensure a high quality program and effective systems in the Elementary school.
Posted: September 2018
This is a Direct to School Job
Nairobi, Kenya
July 2019
2 years
Early Childhood
USD 5125 - 5916

Job Benefits

The School offers a very competitive salary package including worldwide medical insurance, housing, round-trip airfare annually for employee and family, plus a professional development allowance, retirement and other benefits, details of which may be requested from the HR Manager at the time of application.

Qualifications and Requirements


Required Qualifications, Skills and Qualities:

  • Administrative Certification (or equivalent credential) active or in progress
  • Master’s Degree in the field of educational leadership complete or in progress
  • Successful prior experience
    • of at least 6 years as an educator, with some experience in an elementary school
    • as head of department or in other leadership role within a culturally diverse international school
    • guiding colleagues in professional growth
  • Excellent communication, collaboration, and interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrated record of student-centred decision-making
  • Knowledge of the school curriculum
  • Competent in the use of current educational and communication technologies  
  • Energetic, goal-oriented and self-motivated, with an optimistic, can-do approach to challenges and change
  • Integrity in personal values—which must include love of learning and valuing students as individuals
  • Demonstrated qualities of
    • Adaptability and resilience
    • Strong work ethic
    • The willingness to ask for help when needed
    • The ability to think critically and strategically
    • Reflectiveness and a growth mind-set, including openness to advice and suggestions

Preferred Qualifications, Skills and Qualities:

  • Experience as assistant principal or principal
  • Experience living and working in a developing country
  • Sense of humour