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Elementary Homeroom Teacher

MacDuffie School
Tianjin, China
US 3000 - 4500 a month
Start January 2021
2 years
  • Elementary, Middle School
  • Licensed Teacher, ESL Instructor
  • Bachelor
  • 2 years of teaching experience
  • Teaching Credential/License
    TESL/TEFL Certificate over 100 hours
    TESL/TEFL Certificate
    TESL/TEFL Diploma Level
    Other Certification
  • Bachelor’s degree required in elementary education but a bachelors’ degree in a related field (English, Early childhood, curriculum) is considered
  • Has a valid teaching license/certificate
  • At least 2 years full-time teaching in a regular elementary school setting preferred
  • Able to work closely with students who exhibit near English proficiency




  • Teach a minimum of 20 periods per week
  • Work with all students in the assigned class
  • Work on curriculum development, which includes preparing effective diverse lesson units based on the school’s curriculum formats
  • Collaborate with grade level and subject teachers
  • Design authentic assessments and measure their effectiveness in meeting curricular goals
  • Promote our school values of Excellence, Honor, Community, and Joy
  • Maintain and update timely student records including grading (homework, grade books, progress reports, report cards, student attendance, and other required documents)
  • Be actively involved in extra-curricular activities as a faculty sponsor/advisor/coach/helper/school committee member
  • Actively fulfill assigned supervision duties, which could include lunch recess or morning exercise supervision duty
  • Work closely with parents/guardians through providing feedback on progress, answering questions, and being an educational partner where possible
  • Proactively meet and communicate with parents/guardians, students and other teachers when necessary to develop interventions for students with academic, emotional/behavioral or other needs
  • Serve as a substitute teacher when needed
  • Take an active role in required meetings (departmental; grade level; committees, faculty; etc.)
  • Assist with additional duties as assigned
This is a Direct to School Job
This is a Direct to School Job


MacDuffie Schools China are private schools for Chinese students situated in the major cities of Shanghai, Nanjing and Tianjin.    The first school was founded in 2013 and they are American Curriculum Schools, delivering the curriculum in English and following the requirements laid out by the American Common Core Curriculum.  

The schools are going through a period of expansion and require teachers in all subject areas.  All classrooms are equipped with internet, Smart Boards, and wireless projection systems.  The schools are iPad schools and provide all teachers with an iPad as well as access to computer facilities.  All resources are from the US and are up to date.  

MacDuffie China is a partner of the MacDuffie Education group.  There are MacDuffie Schools in Tianjin, Nanjing, Shanghai and Granby Massachusetts.  


This is a Direct to School Job
This is a Direct to School Job

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