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High School Academic Dean

Main Duties

  • Enforce standards to attain academic goals according to the School Vision and Mission
  • Implement academic excellence programs that meet students’ personal and development needs
  • Implement curriculum, assessment, and development policies
  • Coordinate the IB program
  • Be an instructor and guide for the faculty; follow up on class planning and observation, and students’ outcome
  • Support and guide the teacher evaluation system
  • Supervise the administration of standardized tests
  • Collect and analyze relevant information to feedback stakeholders to attain ongoing improvement.
  • Inform about academic and administrative policies and procedures and enforce them



  • Offer an attractive High School to students
  • Raise academic performance
  • Increase the number of students applying for the Diploma and improve their results
  • Consolidate the integration of Mexican and international teachers
  • Procure international exchanges


Indispensable Characteristics

  • Leader, firm, clear, embracer, and attractive
  • Good to form work teams; democratic and directive model
  • Student-center / rapport with students
  • Committed
  • Close to teachers; must Foster their identification with the institution at all times
Posted: June 2019
This is a Direct to School Job
Mexico City, Mexico
August 2019
1 year
Director/Principal, Licensed Teacher, University Graduate
Middle School, High School

Job Benefits

  • Private Health Insurance
  • Paid summer and winter vacations
  • Three personal day
  • December bonus by Mexican law, equivalent to 20-days´pay
  • Ongoing personnel training
  • Transportation to and from school
  • Monthly stipend for housing / rent

Qualifications and Requirements

Education or similar
  • PhD Degree (PREFERABLE)
  • IB program experience at least 5 to 8 years (MANDATORY)
  • Bilingual Spanish-English (PREFERABLE)
  • Minimum of two years of experience giving classes in middle school and/or high school