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IB Coordinator

British International School of the University of Łódź
Lodz, Poland, Europe
Start date
Start March 2022
2 years
  • Licensed Teacher
  • Master
  • Teaching Credential/License

IB DP Coordinator job description

Guiding the school community

  • promote the understanding and support of the implementation of the DP by the school community;
  • ensure that the community (students, parents and teachers) understand the course selection choices available;
  • apply the IB copyright policy in all communications to the school community.

Determining admission to the Diploma Programme

  • develop and administer the processes for student admission into the DP. (This role is fulfilled in collaboration with the Chairperson of the Board, Head of School and Phase Leaders and Admissions Coordinator);
  • inform  potential students and their parents about the programme so that they can make appropriate choices about whether to enrol and what options within the programme to select.

Working with Diploma Programme teachers

  • ensure that DP teachers gain a full understanding of the programme as a whole;
  • arrange and run scheduled meetings with teachers;
  • ensure that teachers have time and conditions to work collaboratively to develop effective timelines for assessment;
  • support teachers in developing and sharing methodologies for ensuring learning success and academic honesty.

Scheduling Diploma Programme courses and the school calendar

  • work closely with the creator of the school schedule and calendar to ensure that all courses meet DP requirements and that students gain the maximum benefit of concurrency of learning whenever possible;
  • support the Head of School and Phase Leaders in ensuring that school policies support the ongoing development of the DP and that excellent teachers are recruited and retained.

Supporting the core

  • work in close collaboration with the CAS coordinator in order to develop opportunities for students to engage in authentic experiential learning and to reflect on their experiences in meaningful ways;
  • train potential teacher-supervisors, and develop an appropriate timeline for production of the Extended Essay;
  • work in close collaboration with Extended Essay teacher-supervisors in order to ensure that students fully understand the nature of the essay;
  • work in close collaboration with TOK teacher and other teachers in order to enhance an understanding of the requirements of TOK across the DP.

General administration

  • be responsible for managing essential administrative tasks detailed in the Diploma Programme  Assessment procedures;
  • register students as examination candidates;
  • enter data on the IB information system (IBIS), including provisional grades;
  • support students with assessment access requirements;
  • collaborate with Exams Officer to organize the examinations;
  • ensure that all teachers are following the correct procedures and practices in monitoring assessment tasks and sampling work to be forwarded to the IB.

Designing a database for the IB community

  • develop a database of examination results;
  • monitor students` higher education experience.

Administering the Diploma Programme budget and teacher professional development

  • in collaboration with the Chairman of the Board, Head of School and Phase Leaders administer the budget allocated to the DP. This might include postage and courier costs, the purchase of publications, and annual DP and examination fee payments;
  • ensure that teachers have received appropriate IB-authorized training.

Organizing and completing the five-year programme evaluation

  • ensure that all stakeholders have access to, and comprehend the expectations explicit in, the document Programme standards and practices (2014) . This understanding will be the basis of an effective review process, which the coordinator will spearhead, ensuring completion by the due date for submission to the IB.

Student progression to further education

  • in collaboration with the Career Counsellor and Phase Leaders facilitate student progression to further education, communicating with universities and explaining to students and parents the processes and policies involved;
  • ensure that all requests for results to universities and legalization of diplomas are processed.

Programme implementation and development

  • ensure that the school embraces the IB’s mission statement and its learner profile;
  • ensure that the school is able to demonstrate in an explicit way how the structure of the DP and its implementation are furthering both (“IB learners and the IB learner profile”);
  • foster the spirit of an international education in the school.

Pedagogical leadership

  • collaborate with other members of staff in order to implement the approaches to teaching and learning as specified in the Approaches to teaching and learning in the Diploma Programme (2015).;
  • be responsible for pedagogical leadership to ensure that:
  • there is a clear and unified approach to planning, including collaborative planning;
  • international-mindedness is embedded in curricular and co-curricular activities;
  • the standard to which coursework is marked is established and monitored;
  • the three elements of the DP core play a central role in the curriculum and that both support, and are supported by the subject disciplines;
  • the teachers actively use the Programme Resource Center in their work.
  • Contribute to the evaluation cycles of teaching and learning in relation to IB program teachers


This is a Direct to School Job
This is a Direct to School Job

British International School of the University of Lodz is committed to providing quality education in a warm, caring and stimulating environment.

We are a community that is passionate about academic progress, social development, and personal enrichment of all our pupils and students. We aim to nurture inquiring, knowledgeable and empathetic global citizens who strive to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

BISUL is located in the heart of Lodz on Fabryczna 4. School is strategically positioned in the city center, close to Galeria Lodzka and multinational corporations.

The premises have been adapted to fit the needs of a British International School including sections designed especially for Foundation, Primary and Secondary Sections. Classes are equipped with smartboards, projectors, laptops, and other learning equipment.

This is a Direct to School Job
This is a Direct to School Job
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