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KG Principal AUIB Model Schools

AUIB Model Schools
Baghdad, Iraq
Self catering accommodation
economy airfare, airport pickup
Start date
2 years
  • Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School
  • Director/Principal
  • Bachelor
  • 5 years of teaching experience
  • Education
  • Teaching Credential/License

The responsibilities and duties of the principal include:

  • Recruitment of staff
  • Procuring necessary resources for curriculum delivery.
  • The organisation, management and administration of the school. Supported by the senior leadership team, the principal ensures the welfare of the students by providing a safe, secure and vibrant school environment for all.
  • Ensuring that academic policies and curricula are followed 
  • Developing and tracking benchmarks for measuring institutional success and accreditation and catering for all students through appropriate monitoring and evaluation.
  • Helping teachers maximise their teaching potential through the provision of appropriate CPD
  • Meeting and listening to concerns of students and encouraging, guiding and assisting student leaders and teachers on a regular basis
  • Developing appropriate communication with the parents, senior management and the Board of Directors and meeting with parents and administrators regularly.
  • Following agreed procedures and policies.
  • Providing an atmosphere free of any bias in which students can achieve their maximum potential
  • Driving school improvement strategies
  • Promoting the Dewey philosophy of Model Schools (Laboratory Schools) and the development of quality teaching and learning.
  • Promoting and celebrating the American school system in the context of Baghdad.
  • Developing quality assurance systems and accreditation processes including school self-evaluation and performance management.
  • Adhering to all aspects of child protection including all safeguarding regulations


  • Appropriate educational qualifications to at least Bachelor of Education level.
  • At least 5 years’ experience of school leadership.
  • Previous experience of a minimum 3 years as a school principal.
  • Be familiar with the American Common Core Standards Curriculum and Dewey’s philosophy of education.
  • Knowledge or previous experience in education in the Middle East
  • Be fluent in English

The principal will be expected to

  • Promote a culture of inclusion.
  • Lead by example to promote the vision and values of the AUIB Model Schools for the children, staff, board, and parents.
  • Promote a collaborative style of leadership and the effective recruitment, development and performance of the academic staff.
  • Exercise good judgement in challenging circumstances
  • Communicate genuinely and confidently and instill trust among the school and parent body.
  • Manage decisively in the best interests of the organisation and be solution focused with proven sound decision-making skills.
  • Have excellent interpersonal skills to articulate clearly both verbally and in writing.
  • Have a proactive and versatile approach, with a high level of drive, energy, enthusiasm, resilience, and a sense of perspective.
  • Motivate a whole school culture of achievement through effective and collaborative team working.
  • Work with Accreditation International in preparing a self-study plan etc., to achieve international accreditation.
  • Demonstrate commitment, reliability and integrity.
  • Be approachable and open with staff, pupils and parents, with demonstrable emotional intelligence.
  • Create and implement a parent involvement strategy that will ensure parents are involved with the school and have confidence in the school’s leadership
  • Lead on safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.
  • Commit to equality and diversity.
  • Promote and support the vision and direction of the school by showing effective leadership and management of the academic team.
  • Ensure all school policies are regularly reviewed and updated.
  • Lead, encourage and support innovation in teaching and learning.

Applicants should provide a comprehensive CV outlining their educational qualifications and experience and provide references from present or former employers in support of their applications.

  • a modern state-of-the-art sports complex
  • faculty housing
  • outdoor sporting facilities
  • restaurants and cafes
  • banking, travel, medical and postal services.
  • Health insurance
  • Local supermarket              

To assist the Director, Deputy Director, management and the Board of Directors in providing the highest possible educational standards for students in an atmosphere where all staff have high expectations of students’ achievement in accordance with AUIB Model Schools’ vision and mission.

AUIB Model Schools will open in September 2023. They will part of a be a vibrant AUIB university community. AUIB KG and Primary Model Schools will promote maximum student achievement by delivering a modern enquiry-based curriculum where English will be the medium of instruction. Join us in this historic innovative initiative to create unique schools for the future, prepare students for global citizenship and promote Iraq’s proud educational traditions.


This is a Direct to School Job
This is a Direct to School Job

AUIB Model Schools are founding schools which will open in September 2023


AUIB Model Schools vision is to provide a caring learning environment where each student is welcomed, respected and cherished irrespective of their background, nationality or faith. Working in partnership with parents and the wider community, AUIB Model Schools will promote the holistic development of all students to prepare them for global citizenship and lifelong learning. 


AUIB Model Schools’ mission is to provide a high standard of education, in a safe and creative environment, that reflects the Dewey tradition of a student-centred, 'hands-on' approach to learning by.

Creating experiences for students centred on their interests and providing opportunities for them to learn by doing.  Giving students choices in determining what, how, when and where they learn. Designing learning to each student’s strengths, needs and interests to ensure their mastery of high academic and social achievement. Providing opportunities for students to develop as socially as responsible global citizens. Being socially inclusive and welcoming every student in the community it serves. Catering for the physical, academic, social, emotional and spiritual needs of all students in a supportive and caring environment.


The US Common Core Standards Curriculum and the Iraqi Curriculum Framework will form the basis of curriculum content and objectives at AUIB Model Schools. These focus on students becoming critical thinkers, problem-solvers and participants in decision making.  The AUIB Model Schools will follow these standards and will be accredited by Accreditation International (Ai) which accredits schools throughout the world and is affiliated with the National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA). The medium of instruction will be English except for Arabic and Islamic Education

Opening in September 2023, AUIB Model Schools' students will learn through playful inquiry, thereby creating the foundations for their intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth. Learning will be facilitated by encouraging the child to be curious, to explore and to experience. Students’ prior learning, self-worth and identity are built upon as they move from home to preschool and on to KG and as they progress through primary school. This provides important foundations for learning as they move to middle and high school. Caring relationships within the school community will support and impact positively on students’ engagement, motivation and learning. AUIB Model Schools’ state-of-the-art classroom environments, layout and design reflect the Dewey philosophy that students learn through play using all their senses to process their thoughts and collect information.

This is a Direct to School Job
This is a Direct to School Job
Please note that Teach Away provides information on behalf of schools and cannot accept liability for information provided or policies schools may adopt. Be sure to verify all details that apply to you, and check for the latest visa and work permit requirements. For any questions regarding job postings, please contact the school directly. Teach Away believes in diversity and inclusivity, and that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and be considered fairly and equally for employment. We ensure all schools we work with adhere to our pledge to promote inclusivity and diversity in education and recruitment practices.

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