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MHS Librarian - Shanghai SMIC Private School - China


  • Align collection with curriculum
  • Generate annual reports on collection & circulation statistics in September
  • Meet with Academic Administrators regularly about teacher resources and collection-curriculum alignment (along with the Library Committee)
  • Update  the list of curriculum-related resources
  • Maintain student-oriented Library Service
  • Design/plan library activities for library promotion including (but not limited to) Scholastic book club orders, book fairs, book talks, book displays, etc.
  • Carry out a survey to invite suggestions from students/teachers in Q3 annually
  • Analyze survey data and make plans for better library service the following year
  • Design ways to keep the MHS library system current and updated making it an important center for students’ academic study, both in an out of the classroom
  • Arrange Professional Workshops and Library Orientation
  • Arrange work-related workshops and site visits to other school libraries
  • Arrange Library Orientation sessions to (new and/or returning) teachers/students in Aug/Sep about its collection and the support of student projects.
  • Lead library introduction sessions for visitors
  • Keep the library circulation system up-to-date
  • Contact the circulation system vender to upgrade the library system
  • Arrange for payment of annual fees for system  maintenance and other library payments as required through the finance office
  • Give training to (new and returning) library staff  on how to use new functions in the system
  • Make library budgeting and Purchasing
  • Propose annual budget for the MHS library
  • Oversee and regulate library spending in general
  • Be in charge of ordering/purchase/payment process
  • Maintain library acquisition files including inventorying all new items, and deletion of outdated items, and maintaining circulation figures for the MHS library
  • Conduct Personnel related work
  • Help in the recruitment of new staff
  • Evaluate performance of assistant librarian(s) and give feedback/suggestions
  • Other in-house tasks
  • Oversee and update library rules and circulation policies to meet student and faculty needs
  • Coordinate the use of library space with other offices for school events
  • Meet weekly with  the supervisor
  • Hold regular meetings of  library staff
  • Guide and help assistant librarians on daily work whenever necessary
  • Receive donations / gifts / exchanges on behalf of the library
Posted: September 2018
This is a Direct to School Job
Shanghai, China
August 2018
2 Years
Licensed Teacher
Middle School, High School
USD 3000

Job Benefits

  • Faculty remuneration with the global health insurance coverage is commensurate with qualifications and experience
  • Housing and meal subsidies
  • Home travel and relocation allowances are also available

Qualifications and Requirements

Other Certification
Library management
  • Bachelor’s degree related to Library Administration
  • At least 3 years full-time librarian experience in a regular middle/high school setting
  • Bilingual skills in Chinese and English preferred