Middle School Language Arts Teacher

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We are currently seeking qualified subject teachers as our full time Lead Middle School English Language Arts Teacher. This position is responsible for creating a positive classroom environment for no more than 25 students that develops in each student skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing that are fundamental to effective communication and literate citizenship; that develops appreciation of good literature of all types; that motivates students to read widely for information and recreation; that develops standards for critical judgment of written and oral communications transmitted by mass media; and that discovers and develops special talents of students in the field of English and literature to prepare each student to meet the school standards. Additionally, this teacher will inculcate educational, behavioral, emotional and social skills in students for their overall development into capable, responsible, and mature individuals, as well as Leading students to participate various school activities (e.g. afterschool clubs, arts festival, field day and hosting monthly school assembly). He/she must also communicate well with the parents of their students, especially regarding any potential social or behavioral concerns they may have. Additionally: 

  • Have up-to-date knowledge of an objectives based curriculum at the middle school level, up to high school level or AP level preferred
  • Competent in differentiating and identifying students various needs and provide a catering and fluid educational approach
  • Acquiring skills in developing school curriculum and program further in collaboration with other teachers and staff


Working hours are approximately as follows:

  • 5 classes maximum per day/ 25 classes per week 
  • 40 work hours week (Teaching and office hours 7:30am to 5:00pm) 


Contract duration: Starting from one year minimum, and more desirable if you have plans to consider settling in China for two or more years. Prospects of professional development and promotions available within the school for candidates considering long-term development. 

Posted: May 2019
This is a Direct to School Job
Shenzhen , China
August 2019
1 year
Director/Principal, Licensed Teacher
Elementary, Middle School, High School
USD 3600 - 5400

Job Benefits

  • Paid winter/summer holidays 
  • School provides assistance in preparing needed documents for applying work visa (costs mostly paid by the school) 
  • Upon successful issuing of work visa, our school shall also cover your employment with proper local insurance
  • Free services available to help candidate in settling life in China 
  • On-going professional development and possibility of promotions within the school 
  • Free school tuition for up to one child 
  • End of Contract bonus: Up to 5000 RMB (700 USD)  
  • Housing allowance negotiable depending on level of experience 
  • Travelling allowances for up to 10,000RMB (1500 USD) inclusive for travelling to home country or other destinations annually

Qualifications and Requirements

Teaching Credential/License
Literary, Reading and Writing, Curriculum, Instructional leadership
  • Master degree preferred
  • American, British, Canadian or Australian would be considered more desirable 
  • Middle school or high school teaching experiences in China or abroad preferred 
  • A talent for communicating with middle or high school students and encouraging academic achievement and well-rounded development is essential for the job
  • Skills in other areas (e.g. social studies, world languages, drama, music, character education or counselling) is considered a plus 
  • Teaching experience in a multi-cultural environment
  • Ability to collaborate with local Chinese working partners and international working partners, teachers and school staff
  • Capable in developing positive relationship with students and parents and within the team
  • Be able to apply constructive and inquisitive approach in teaching students, and assist students learning
  • Competent in differentiating and identifying students various needs and provide a catering and fluid educational approach
  • Acquiring skills in developing school curriculum and program further in collaboration with other teachers and staff
  • Showing commitment and self-initiation towards continual professional development
  • Having keenness or holding open-mindedness to Asian/Chinese culture and customs in the workplace
  • Further desirable if applicant could show us with a cultivated background with professional code of conduct e.g. proper dress code, neatness and punctuality, team playing skills 
  • Candidates will be more considered with positive outlook in life and healthy in physical condition in general, and non-smokers preferred 

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