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Primary School Librarian


  •  24 teaching periods or above, with other responsibility if not enough  
  • Study IB philosophy and get familiar with PYP curriculum, including the syllabus, written curriculum, taught curriculum and assessment. Complete the unit plan and assessment tasks to meet individual, group and program needs
  • Attend the collaborative planning, flag-raising ceremony and other important events/activity as required. Ask for leave in advance by completing the leave form and provide the lesson plan for the substitute
  • Meets required deadlines, including timely preparation of unit plans, assessment task, exams, report card grades, comments
  • Plan each lesson carefully and engage all the students in the teaching activities
  • Provide office hours for students every week; Give support to some students in special needs
  • Assess the students work with PYP criteria, provide both formative and summative assessment record
  • Report and communicate with the parents and counselors about the students performance regularly. Guide the students to collect their work or develop a portfolio to show their progress. Students work will be shown at the end of the semester and the parents conference
  • Take part in the professional development actively, log in Programme Resources Center often and study the IB updated documents, collaborate and share with the other teachers. Make research of teaching and submit the summary, research paper or essay at the end of the semester
  • Exhibits a professional manner in appearance, voice, and demeanor and serves as a positive role model for students and colleagues
  • Demonstrate team-work, respect others and resolve conflicts in a positive way
  • Take other responsibilities, such as, supervise the students during break time, proctoring the test, Be a substitute when another teacher asks for leave, be the judges during the sports games, attend the parents conference, students enrollment interview, school open house, and some big events of department or school
  • Be the Community Project supervisor or EA supervisor
  • Create a safe and comfortable learning environment for students, manage the classroom property and report for repair whenever necessary
  • Learn and use the technology as required, such as, Power-school, gradebook, Manage-Bac, Destiny, OA, etc. 
  • Provide recommendation letter for students when needed
Posted: January 2019
This is a Direct to School Job
Beijing, China
August 2019
1 Year Minimum
Licensed Teacher, Librarian
Elementary, Middle School
USD 3000 - 4500

Job Benefits

  • Weekends off
  • Full paid summer/winter/Christmas/Spring holiday and national government holidays
  • 10000 RMB Flight reimbursement
  • Health insurance
  • Legal work visa provided with resident permit
  • Free accommodation provided
  • Meals allowance each day
  • On-going academic development

Qualifications and Requirements

  • A minimum of three years of full-time teaching experience of Sciences
  • Genuine love of working with children and interest in teaching and learning 
  • Team player- positive, respectful, adaptable, and flexible, with good communication and collaboration skills
  • Familiar with and believer in inquiry-based and project-based learning 
  • Comfortable with integrating up-to-date instructional technology into lessons 
  • Able and willing to work hard in a highly demanding program and to see differences  and challenges as an opportunity for personal and professional growth 


Desirable qualities: 

  • PYP experiences or training experiences
  • English as a second or foreign language teaching experience 
  • Personal enrichment through living and working in a foreign culture