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Special Education Needs Coordinator

Core Purpose

The key purpose of the role of Special Needs Coordinator (Senco) is to ensure that students with needs that are different  to the majority learn at levels that amaze them and make similar progress to their peers from their own starting points.

The Senco will ensure SEND provision is both efficiently and effectively managed to achieve this aim within a culture of inclusion. 


Scope of the role

It is expected that all legal and statutory requirements as per KHDA/Dubai Government are met for students with SEN/EAL/GT via the SENCO and the requirements of the UAE Framework for Inclusion are met over the agreed time period.


As a member of the Middle Leadership Team the SENCO has the following key responsibilities:

  • Identification of students with SEND 
    • Using KHDA criteria to identify students with SEND prior to entry and once registered in the school
    • Building a comprehensive picture of each child or student using all available information
  • Day-to-day operation of provision for students with SEN/EAL/GT
    • Creation of the best conditions of learning to support students in their amazing learning journeys
    • Management of high quality resources to support individuals in their learning support
    • Organisation of learning spaces and physical and Human Resources to optimize learning for all students
    • Adaptation of the curriculum and its assessment to meet student needs
  • Tracking of student learning and progress
    • Recording of learning data related to students with SEND and monitoring progress using Classroom Monitor
    • Using tracking data to adjust learning targets and plan IEPs
  • Analysis of all data to inform planning
    • Analysis of all data related to students identified with special educational needs or disabilities to bring about improved learning and standards of achievement of all students
  • Professional Guidance
    • Provision of professional guidance to HODS & teachers in the area of SEN/EAL/GT in order to secure amazing learning
  • Communication and Reporting
    • Communication with parents and internal advocates and external agencies to ensure the well-being and learning process of students
    • Reporting to the principal and Advisory Board on all matters related to inclusion


Main Accountabilities

  • Evaluation of student needs prior to and on entry in line with the admissions policy and the school’s inclusive ethos
  • Operational development of SEN/EAL/GT provision across the school
  • Guiding and supporting the special needs teacher and learning support assistants (LSA)
  • Maintaining accurate records and all data pertaining to students with SEND in Engage
  • Ensuring effective systems of communication to all stakeholders, including feedback about students’ learning to inform future planning and resource management
  • Monitoring the quality of learning of students with SEND to ensure they achieve the best they can and amaze themselves and their parents
  • Establishing effective systems to identify and meet the needs of students, whilst ensuring that the systems are coordinated, evaluated and regularly reviewed
  • Ensuring that the objectives of the Inclusion policy are reflected in the school improvement plan and premises strategic plan
  • Developing meaningful links with  external agencies to further develop knowledge, skills and understanding of SEND provision
  • Maintaining up-to-date knowledge of local and regional initiatives and the laws which may impact upon policy and practice
  • Tracking well-being, progress and achievement of students and providing feedback as per the inclusion policy
  • Referring students to colleagues as needed such as the counselor or nurse or doctor
  • Creating Individual Education Plans or Behaviour Plans by liaising with the SLT, School Counselor, Class Teacher and Parents
  • Liaising with with teachers, coordinators and HODs and if necessary with external agencies such as Exam Boards, Alternative Education providers/KHDA for special arrangements/accommodations/exemptions from certain subjects
  • Co-ordinating the application for and of special arrangements in external examinations in conjunction with the Examinations Officer
  • Influencing the Learning Policy to promote inclusive pedagogy
  • Contributing directly to learning of students identified as having SEND
  • Providing an advisory/supporting role to all staff on all matters related to SEND and Inclusion
  • Leading the SEND teacher and LSAs
  • Leading CPD where appropriate; this may include chairing and being a part of self-evaluation group related to standard 5.2 (UAE Framework for Inspection)
  • Providing opportunities for observation of colleagues/visits to other schools in order to share best practice
  • Overseeing and monitoring the quality of IEPs in action
  • Monitoring and recording progress made by students with SEND towards the achievement of targets set in IEPs 
  • Reviewing IEPs with students, parents, teachers and LSAs to agree and communicate new targets
  • Leading the Annual Review meetings for SEND students
  • Liaising with the Assessment and Data Manager to ensure Educational Psychology reports are up to date and accommodations for all examinations are identified and met
  • Reporting to the Achievement Leader 
  • To ensure continual improvement of SEND provision and to contribute to the evaluation of the work of the Achievement Centre (ACe)
  • Supporting the recruitment of staff to the ACe Team in line with the appointments policy
  • To evaluate the work of LSAs and provide feedback to improve learning for students
Posted: May 2019
This is a Direct to School Job
Dubai , Dubai, United Arab Emirates
August 2019
2 years
District/Regional Level Administrator, Director/Principal, Licensed Teacher, College/University Faculty, University Graduate, ESL Instructor
All Levels
USD 3539 - 4083

Job Benefits

  • Full airfare reimbursement for an economy ticket and airport pickup 
  • Separate accommodation will be provided
  • Health insurance will be provided that covers dental and optics 
  • Fully paid of Visa or work permit 
  • Transportation from/to school will be provided everyday

Qualifications and Requirements

Special Education or similar field 
  • Bachelor’s degree in Special Eduation or Education with additional SEND qualification 
  • Experience of SEND teaching or management in a school context
  • Leadership of SEND department in a school is an advantage
  • Commitment to amazing learning within an inclusive ethos