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If you’re interested in a new adventure teaching abroad, there’s no better time than right now to step up your job search.


Starting in early December 2017, the world’s top international schools will begin the biggest worldwide search for hundreds of new teachers for the following school year at Teach Away’s international job fairs, held in partnership with ISS (International Schools Services).


This year’s fairs will be taking place in the following locations, on the following dates:



If you’re a certified teacher with a Bachelor’s degree and at least two years of teaching experience, now’s the ideal time to apply to attend one of these international teacher job fairs.


And because spots are filling up fast, we’ve made a quick list of the reasons why attending a Teach Away job fair could be your big chance to secure your dream job teaching abroad in 2018.


1. You’ll make a personal connection with school heads.


Meeting with prospective employers face to face is still a critical part of the job search process. This is your chance to get out from behind your computer screen and in front of schools who are looking to hire qualified teachers just like you.


We know that in today’s job market, it’s often tricky to make a truly great first impression on resume alone. While technology has many advantages in a job search, it can’t replace the intangible connection that teachers can make by getting to meet employers in person.


2. You’ll get directly in front of schools that are ready to hire.


Top international schools will be at the job fair for one reason only: to fill their specific hiring needs. The fair is a great opportunity for qualified teachers to receive immediate job offers! You can access the full list of schools attending each fair by visiting the Atlanta, Bangkok and New York fairs pages.


3. You’ll get first pick of a huge variety of teaching job vacancies from around the world.


The fairs are your chance to make an informed choice for your next teaching job. You’ll get to research ahead of time the schools and destinations that interest you, as well as the types of positions they’re looking to fill across all subjects and grade levels.


You can plan to spend your time with the schools that interest you most and maximize your chance to interview for the jobs that you’re most drawn towards.


4. You’ll save time in your job search.


Attending a Teach Away job fair is far and away the easiest way to fast track your job hunt. You’ll get the chance to meet with multiple international school heads in a day in a way that makes the most efficient use of your time.


5. You’ll get to figure out which hiring schools are a fit for YOU.


Remember, the job fairs are a two-way process. It’s as much about you finding out about the school’s culture and values, as it is about school heads meeting prospective new teacher hires. You’ll also get the chance to ask lots of questions about salary, benefits, vacation and much more.


We’re really looking forward to bringing teachers and hiring schools together at the Atlanta, Bangkok and New York job fairs. Best of luck with your application!


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