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man on a laptop sitting in a hammock by lush green mountains doing an online TEFL program

English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, meaning that ESL teachers are in hot demand.

Whether you’re a recent graduate or looking for a career shift, becoming an online English teacher is a rewarding profession that allows you to make a real difference in students’ lives.

Choosing to transition into this wonderful new career path is the first step.

But if you are serious about this, you will need to get TEFL certified.

It’s no secret that our day-to-day lives get busy.

Perhaps you want to become an English teacher but you just don’t know how to find the time in your day to complete the TEFL certification required.

Not all TEFL programs are created equal!

Learning how to choose the best online TEFL certification program for your lifestyle will save you a lot of stress and hassle.

And we recommend choosing a self-paced one.

That’s why we designed our TEFL certification program at Teach Away to be completed at your own leisure… from anywhere in the world.

This will give you the freedom to curate your day in a way that works for you.

Here are the top 6 benefits of enrolling in an online self-paced TEFL program:

  1. Saves you time and money
  2. Unlimited access to the course
  3. Flexibility to study at your own pace
  4. Learning from a reputable organization
  5. Adding to your existing teaching experience
  6. Ease of finding a job with the Teach Away portal

1. Save you time and money

Completing your TEFL certification online saves you a lot of time and money.

You no longer have to spend extra money on travel expenses, textbooks, food, or even accommodation, depending on where the program is located.

The cost of fuel or a bus ticket may not seem like a lot in one day, but over the course of several weeks or months, the money adds up.

Then there is the matter of time and how long it takes to transport to and from the classroom.

A self-paced program will erase a lot of the extra financial strain on your wallet.

Even the cost of the course itself is more budget-friendly when completed online.

2. Unlimited access to the course

When everything is online, you also get unlimited access to the coursework.

Gone are the in-class projectors and lectures that you have to attend every week to make sure that you don’t miss an important lesson.

You no longer have to rush or worry that you are behind your other peers.

Instead, review different lessons and content as much as you need, and if anything is unclear you can even reach out to Teach Away for extra support and guidance.

3. Flexibility to study at your own pace

Life can go through highs and lows where at one point you have all the time in the world, and in another period everything comes crashing down and you can’t find an extra minute in your day to spare.

Not everyone can simply stop everything they’re doing to shift their schedule to full-time TEFL learning. In fact, this is very unlikely for most people.

Teach Away’s self-paced TEFL program ensures that you have the flexibility and energy to complete the course in a timeline that works for you.

Now, all of your assignments are online to be completed anytime and anywhere.

woman in headphones typing on a laptop signing up for an online TEFL course

This means that in between other schoolwork, a full-time job, family, friends, and any other activities that take up time in your day, you can fit in the TEFL course wherever you feel works best.

4. Learning from a reputable organization

Unless the TEFL provider is internationally recognized, it will not be recognized by the schools you are applying for.

Teach Away is an established industry leader that has trained more than 700,000 teachers since 2003, helping many secure jobs worldwide.

We believe that the best way to achieve student success is by focusing on the people who are educating them, the teachers.

Teachers are then able to develop the skills they need to inspire their students and motivate them to learn.

You can read some of the reviews from teachers that have become certified and found a job through Teach Away.

As an organization that offers expert guidance and support to all teachers, becoming TEFL certified with Teach Away is a no-brainer.

5. Adding to your existing teaching experience

If you are a teacher with teaching experience, you may want to complete a TEFL certificate to become qualified to teach English language learners.

It will provide a great refresher for some information while building on your existing knowledge!

Plus, completing an online TEFL program will add a competitive edge to your resume, making you more favorable to prospective employers.

It’s the best way to secure a high-paying English teaching job, that’s for sure!

And as you now know, you can do this without having to sacrifice any time in your day, as you get to choose when and where you study with a self-paced program.

6. Ease of finding a job with the Teach Away portal

Teach Away has an online platform where you can apply for jobs once you complete your online TEFL certification.

The support and guidance is endless! From start to finish, Teach Away ensures that you will walk away ready to start your new career as an English teacher.

Having developed relationships with reputable international schools around the world, you will have unique access to some of the best opportunities available in this field.

Is an online TEFL program for you?

In the past, the option of doing your TEFL certification online didn’t exist.

But, the world has dramatically changed, and online learning is now more prevalent than ever before.

With time pressure no longer being a concern, studying at your own pace is the most convenient option for your day-to-day life.

Study when you want, where you want, and for however long you want on a particular day.

You get to choose what the best online TEFL certification program is for you. Get started with Teach Away!

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