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woman sitting on a couch teaching english online for why you should get tefl certified with teach away article

It’s no secret that TEFL teachers are in demand.

English is the language of business, and as our world becomes increasingly interconnected, effective communication is more crucial than ever.

The ability to speak English at an advanced level is valuable because it allows companies to easily communicate and trade with one another.

Plus, it helps individuals find work and progress in their careers.

This means skilled ESL (English as a Second Language) instructors are sought-after.

But simply being a fluent English speaker is not enough.

As demand for qualified TEFL instructors has increased, so have the expectations of many language learners.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to learn more about TEFL so you can decide whether you have what it takes to effectively teach English online.

If you are feeling called to pursue online English teaching as your full-time profession, why not explore how you can get TEFL certified today?

There are thousands of options out there, catering for both online and in-person teaching.

But it’s a good idea to spend time researching different providers before committing.

With that in mind, here’s our take on what we believe makes Teach Away unique and why you should kick off your new career with us.

1. We’re an established industry leader.

2. Teach Away collaborates with renowned training institutes.

3. We can train you in TEFL, and help you secure the perfect role.

4. You’ll have access to thousands of high-quality online teaching jobs.

5. We offer expert guidance and support to all our teachers.

1. We’re an established industry leader.

ESL is a growing industry, and that means new programs are starting up all the time.

We believe that competition is good for business, but there are a couple of things worth considering:

1. Usually, a new provider will have the best intentions, but sometimes a lack of experience and limited access to the best resources means you may not get good value for your money.
2. You also need to be mindful of companies cutting corners. Digital technology has many benefits, but one of the few downsides is that it can make us more susceptible to scams. It’s not that hard to build a sleek-looking website.

It’s always important to place your trust in a provider you feel comfortable with.

If the organization is easy to communicate with, they have a robust online presence, and a clear mission, then these are all good signs.

Since 2003, Teach Away has trained more than 700,000 teachers, helping many of them secure fantastic jobs in institutions worldwide.

We believe that the best way to improve student achievement is by focusing on the very people who are educating them.

By equipping teachers with all the skills they need to motivate and inspire their students, we can help build a world where access to high-quality education is the norm, not a rarity.

2. Teach Away collaborates with renowned training institutes.

A teaching qualification that’s been rubber-stamped by an established university or training institute looks great on your resume.

It can also be a crucial factor in whether you’re selected for an interview.

This is especially true if you’re looking to work with an overseas employer.

If you have a certificate from an accredited college or training institute that’s recognized globally, it adds more gravitas to your application.

We’re proud of our partnerships with some of the best education providers around, including the University of Toronto, International House Berkeley, and Manhattan College.

We’ve worked closely with all three institutions to develop comprehensive online TEFL courses that will give you the skills required to teach English online or in a face-to-face role.

Many of our TEFL alumni have gone on to land top-teaching jobs all around the world after graduating.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Check out these Teach Away reviews and read all about how our teachers benefitted from their time with us.

3. We can train you in TEFL, and help you secure the perfect role.

Many traditional TEFL providers operate similarly.

They run intensive programs that give you the essential skills you’ll need in your early teaching roles.

Toward the end of the course, you might also get some useful advice on finding teaching jobs and preparing for interviews.

But after that, you’re often pretty much on your own.

We do things differently.

Because we have more than fifteen years of experience in this industry, operating as both a training provider and as a recruiter, we can simplify the whole process for you.

As soon as you’re TEFL certified, you can use the Teach Away platform to apply for jobs, prepare for interviews, and assist you throughout the onboarding process in your new school.

Fancy relocating to Dubai or Japan?

What about a high-paying job teaching English online from the comfort of your own home?

Over the years, we’ve developed lasting relationships with well-known international schools and colleges all over the world.

For that reason, we have unique access to lots of the best teaching opportunities available anywhere.

4. You’ll have access to thousands of high-quality online teaching jobs.

Online education was already a fast-growing industry before the pandemic hit.

Still, over the past year, investment in remote learning has skyrocketed, and there are now thousands of opportunities to teach online.

Although this means work in online teaching might be easy to come by, it’s also true that the sheer volume of jobs means the overall quality can vary.

Deciding which online teaching jobs are worth applying for can be challenging when you don’t have much to work with, other than a vague job ad.

But by signing up to our bespoke job board, you’ll be able to access high-paying jobs with trusted brands that are world leaders in online TEFL teaching.

We advertise every job with a detailed breakdown, including information such as the number of vacancies, expected salary, eligibility, and an insightful job description.

Not sure where you want to teach, or what kind of role is right for you?

Attend one of our next live TEFL information sessions and ask your questions in a live Q&A!

5. We offer expert guidance and support to all our teachers.

Starting a new job is always challenging.

But when you’re taking a step into the unknown by moving overseas or getting ready to teach English online for the very first time, you’ll be forgiven for feeling some anxiety.

At Teach Away, we take great pride in supporting all our teachers to transition into their new careers.

We offer resources from professional development courses in online teaching to hands-on support for those planning to work overseas.

Our team of placement coordinators will guide you through each stage of the recruitment process and will be happy to offer you their support and expertise after you’ve arrived in your new home.

Applying for a direct-to-school job? Take advantage of our resources, blogs, and webinars to help you get your application noticed. Or work with one of our placement coordinators who will guide you through each stage of the recruitment process and will be happy to offer you their support and expertise after you’ve arrived in your new home.

Get started in a career that’s teeming with opportunities.

Get started in a career that’s teeming with opportunities.

Many industries have been badly affected by the global pandemic, but education is not one of them.

TEFL had been thriving online for years before 2020, and over the past twelve months, it’s continued to grow and entice new teachers.

As the world gradually reopens and borders restrictions are relaxed, Teach Away will be there to help you land exciting new jobs and have amazing adventures.

Sound like something you’d like to be a part of?

If you’re a graduate, and if you’re looking for a new challenge, contact us today and let us help you land your dream job.

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