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ontario teaching job outlook

Getting accepted into a teacher training program in the first place used to be the hardest part for aspiring teachers in Canada.

Nowadays, though, the hardest part is actually finding a job after you graduate.

The upside is that, following several years of some truly grim job prospects for Canadian educators, teacher unemployment rates across the country have somewhat improved over the past year or so.

However, too many teacher graduates and an ongoing shortage of open teaching positions are still making for some pretty daunting job prospects for teachers in Canada.

Competition for jobs is particularly tight in provinces like Ontario, Alberta and Quebec.

Especially Ontario.

When will teaching jobs open up in Ontario?

ontario teaching job outlook

Good question! There is a bright spot on the horizon.

The Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) project that up to a third of its teacher membership could retire in the next five years.

This new wave of retirees should help to create some much-needed vacancies in the future.

And while this is, of course, very welcome news, what are freshly-minted teachers college grads in Ontario supposed to do for a job this year?

Or next year?

Or even the year after that?

Overall, the Ontario teaching job outlook for recent teacher grads is still pretty cloudy, at best.

The idea of a teaching job opening up five years down the road is cold comfort. And years of supply teaching (if you can get steady work in the first place) is far from an ideal solution to the lack of job security in your home province.


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Teaching jobs in Canada for certified teachers

Of course, some select provinces are experiencing the exact opposite.

BC teachers, for example, can take their pick of teaching jobs.

In an attempt to attract teachers from provinces in Canada with a surplus of educators, the Vancouver school district is even offering a $1,500 moving allowance – a move that’s garnering some interest from beleaguered teaching grads Ontario.

Adventurous job-seeking Canadian teacher grads, however, may want to set their sights on far more favorable job markets overseas.

Teaching jobs overseas for Canadian teachers

teaching jobs overseas for certified teachers

Want to build an impressive teaching resume, grow your classroom skills, work with a network of other Canadian teachers, enjoy a great standard of living, save lots and travel?

Sign me, up, I hear you say!

A huge number of Canadian curriculum schools abroad, like Maple Leaf Schools in Canada, are currently looking for applications from a large number of Canadian teacher graduates.

If making the move to BC doesn’t appeal to you as much as venturing further afield, but you’re still looking for a teaching job that transfers well to a teaching job in your home province in the future, then teaching with Maple Leaf might be just the break you’ve been looking for.

Best of all, while many international schools abroad require a year or two of classroom experience to qualify, Maple Leaf Schools will waive this requirement for all Canadian teacher graduates.

To qualify to teach with Maple Leaf schools, you’ll need a:

  1. BC teaching certificate
  2. Chinese working visa

If you’re a Canadian teacher, however, there’s no need to sweat these requirements:

Maple Leaf provides comprehensive support to all successful Canadian candidates in obtaining their visa and BC license, including covering all fees incurred over the course of the application process!

Sold? Maple Leaf Schools vacancies for the 2018/2019 school year include:


maple leaf teaching jobs

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