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scenic view of the georgia countryside for blog answering frequently asked questions about georgia

Teaching in Georgia offers not only a fantastic environment in which to teach, but also a unique chance to experience authentic Georgian culture. While teaching in Georgia, teachers will stay in a Georgian home with a Georgian family, allowing for an immersive cultural experience.

Teach and Learn in Georgia (Country)

What is the TLG Program?

TLG stands for Teach and Learn with Georgia, sponsored by the Georgian Ministry of Education. The TLG program was established in 2010 with the mandate to improve the English speaking abilities of students and teachers in Georgia and to develop cultural exchanges.

Who is eligible to teach in Georgia?

Applicants must have:
At least two years of post-secondary education at an accredited college or university.
Expert-level English fluency
A clean criminal background check

Who will I be working for?

All English Language Instructors are hired by the Georgian Ministry of Education. Teachers usually work together with Georgian co-teachers in a classroom on a daily basis. Teachers are responsible for conducting English conversation classes for Georgian primary and secondary public school students as part of the Georgian government’s aim to promote and strengthen English language education.

When do the TLG teaching positions begin?

Teaching positions in Georgia are available all year round, with regular start dates throughout the year.

Where in Georgia can I teach? How is my location determined?

TLG places teachers in public schools across Georgia. Teachers will not be placed in the conflict regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazi. The TLG program places teachers based on the needs of their public schools. TLG representatives try their best to match your preferences as listed on your TLG application form.

How long are contracts for teaching in Georgia?

Teachers can choose to teach in Georgia for either 1 semester (6-9 months) or 2 semesters (1 year). There are many benefits to teaching for a full year. In addition to having a richer cultural experience you will also be offered an additional round-trip plane ticket which can be used for vacation purposes.

What age group will I be teaching?

TLG teachers are placed in elementary schools, teaching students in grades 1-6.

How many students will be in my class?

On average there are 25-30 students per class in Georgian public schools.

How many other foreigners will be teaching at my school?

You will be the only foreigner at your school. Each teacher is partnered with a Georgian co-teacher which allows for a great cultural experience. It is possible for you to organize an informal language exchange with your co-teacher to help improve your Georgian, while working with the co-teacher to improve their English. In larger areas, you will have other TLG teachers near you to socialize with.

Is it easy to meet other foreigners if I am the only teacher at my school?

It is easy to meet other foreigners. When you attend the orientation during your first week in Georgia you will have the opportunity to meet teachers who will be living in the same city or area as you. Additionally, it is common for foreigners to be living in the same area. As well, TLG frequently arranges field trips for its teachers and you will have to opportunity to socialize on those occasions.

Stipend and Benefits of Teaching in Georgia (Country)

Is training provided?

Yes. You will attend a week of training/orientation upon your arrival in Georgia. It is a well- organized introduction to the curriculum, co-teaching, and Georgian culture and customs.

How many holidays will I have during the school year?

Teachers will receive roughly 12 weeks of holiday during the school year. Summer vacation typically lasts 5 weeks, winter vacation typically lasts 4 weeks and Easter holiday is always 6 days long. Teachers will also be entitled to 12 days of paid leave during the school year.

When can I take time off for vacation?

Teachers will receive time off during the summer and winter holidays. Teachers will receive approximately 12 days of paid leave during each semester, which may be taken during these breaks.

What is my monthly salary/stipend?

Positions in Georgia are technically volunteer-based. However, all teachers will receive a monthly stipend of 500 GEL (approx. $300 USD) each month.

Who pays for my flight to Georgia?

All teachers will have their flights paid for and arranged by a TLG representative.

Will a cellular phone be provided?

Teachers will receive a cell phone upon arrival in Georgia. Other TLG teachers and staff members can be called free of charge from this phone. Teachers will need to maintain a balance of 5 GEL to keep the phone active. Cell phones are returned to TLG when teachers leave the country.

Accommodations in Georgia (Country)

What type of accommodation will be provided?

Teachers with the TLG program stay with a Georgian host family. All host families are screened by the Georgian government, undergo a house inspection and have a separate bedroom for their homestay teachers.

Who will pay for my accommodation?

All teachers will be required to pay their host family 100 GEL a month. In addition to this teachers will be required to tutor their host family in English for 3 hours a week.

How are Georgian homestay families selected?

Prospective host families undergo a rigorous screening, and teachers can rest assured that only suitable host families will be selected. In order to qualify as a host family, the prospective hosts must:
pass an interview and home inspection by a government official
have an adequately-sized spare bedroom
undergo a criminal background check
In some cases, the teachers and principals will act as a host family.

Do I have to pay for my accommodation?

Yes. Single teachers in Georgia must pay their host family 100 GEL per month (approx. $60 USD).

Can couples stay with the same host family?

Couples teaching in Georgia have two options. The first is to live with separate host families in the same area. The other option is to find an apartment where they can live together (assistance will be provided), but the cost of the apartment will be the teachers’ responsibility.

Can I change locations if I don’t like my host family?

In extreme cases of incompatibility, it may be possible for teachers to change locations and accommodation.

Will my host family have internet?

Many of the families selected to host new teachers to Georgia do have internet. Additionally, 75% of schools in Georgia have a high speed internet connection, which teachers may use to communicate with their families.

Will I have my own bedroom?

Yes. All host families in Georgia must have an extra bedroom in their homes in order to participate in the program.

Will my host family speak English?

Not all host families will be able to speak English. This program will be an opportunity for the host family to practice their English, while teachers have the opportunity to study and learn the Georgian language.

Can I teach extra lessons to make additional money?

Teachers are allowed to take on additional lessons in their own time, but they must inform TLG beforehand. Teachers cannot teach their own school students for money.

Finances in Georgia (Country)

Will I have assistance opening a bank account in Georgia?

All teachers will have a bank account opened for them before they arrive. During the initial orientation and training session all teachers will attend a seminar given by a representative from the bank.

How much money should I bring with me to Georgia?

Teachers are advised to take $400-500 USD when traveling to Georgia. This is almost double the amount of one month’s stipend and should allow all teachers in Georgia to settle into their new environment comfortably.

Will I be able to use my credit card(s) in Georgia?

Georgia is a cash-based society. The use of credit cards is more limited than in Europe or North America. Major hotels in the capital, Tbilisi, will accept credit cards but they are not used widely throughout the country.

What is the cost of living like in Georgia?

The cost of living in Georgia is comparatively low. A loaf of bread costs 0.5 GEL ($o.30 USD) while a 500 ml bottle of water will cost approximately 0.4 GEL ($0.25 USD).

Arriving in Georgia

What happens when I arrive in Georgia?

All TLG teachers will arrive on a pre-determined date. TLG representatives will be at the airport the entire day to meet you and arrange your transportation to the training location.

Who pays for health insurance in Georgia?

Fifty percent (50%) will be covered by TLG. The other fifty percent (50%) will be deducted from your pay check each month. The total deduction is around $20/month.

What support is offered to teachers in Georgia?

You will be working closely with a Georgian co-teacher every day. In addition to the Georgian staff at your school, Teach Away is available to support you during your entire year abroad. As well, TLG representatives will be in contact via telephone and e-mail to discuss any issues with you as well as to organize field trips and events for you and your fellow teachers.

What resources does Teach Away offer?

Teach Away offers on-going support for you while you are abroad. We are the main contact between teachers and the TLG program so any concerns should be directed to your Teach Away Placement Coordinator. Each teacher will attend an online pre-departure webinar to help you prepare for your year abroad. Teachers will also receive a pre-departure manual which will provide you with helpful travel tips.

Teacher Orientation in Georgia

What will be covered in orientation?

The training will cover: the Georgian Language, teacher training, teaching methodology, co-teaching, cultural differences and an overview of the Georgian education system. You will also meet with representatives from the bank and medical insurance company.

Where will I stay during orientation?

All teachers will stay at a hotel in Tbilisi for the duration of training.

How long will orientation last? Where will it be held?

Orientation will last for 5 days. It will be held in a hotel in the capital, Tbilisi.

Will I be able to meet my host family during training?

Yes. You will meet your host family on the final day of your training in Tbilisi.

Miscellaneous Questions About Georgia (Country)

Does TLG accept couples or friends?

Yes. Couples and friends are welcome to apply. TLG will make every effort to place you near each other. Please note that joint housing is not available, so couples will be unable to live together.

If I have a criminal record will I be able to apply to the program?

Minor violations, such as speeding tickets and other misdemeanors, are considered on a case-by-case basis. Felonies and other major crimes are often grounds for non-acceptance.

Do I need to get any vaccinations?

It is recommended that you contact your nearest travel clinic to see what vaccinations are recommended based on your health and past vaccination history. As you will be working with children you may consider making sure that your hepatitis and TB shots are up to date. Also, if you plan on traveling to places outside Georgia you should consult your physician or a travel clinic for advice.

Will I be able to choose a specific city or area?

Teachers are not able to choose a specific city or area. Teachers will be placed based on the needs of the Georgian school boards.

Will I be placed near the conflict regions of Southern Ossetia or Abkhazia?

Teachers will not be placed near the conflict regions of Southern Ossetia or Abkhazia.

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