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Jobs teachers can do from home to earn extra cash on the side

If you’re a teacher looking to make extra money on the side or looking to start working remotely full-time, there are tons of jobs you can do from home!

You already have so many valuable skills, from creativity to organization, to giving constructive criticism. Not to mention, you’re a natural-born leader.

The great news is that all those skills are in high demand!

So there’s a long list of opportunities that you’d be a great fit for.

Here are some ideas for turning your greatest strengths as a teacher into a lucrative side hustle, plus companies that are hiring:

  • Jobs for teachers who love to teach.
  • Jobs for teachers who love their subject matter.
  • Jobs for teachers who give great feedback.
  • Jobs for teachers who are super organized.
  • Jobs for teachers who are creative.

Jobs for teachers who love to teach

Become an online English teacher

Demand for remote teaching is enormous. Online teachers can find jobs working with adult, teenage and young students.

There is a particularly high demand for classes for kids and teens in China, organized by companies like VIPKid. Although there are plenty of other companies you can teach with too.

Lessons run by these companies are often short, one-on-one sessions. Plus, you can enjoy a flexible schedule.

Schools usually provide the teaching materials, lesson planning is minimal, and there is no homework to mark either – win!

These are just some of the awesome reasons to become an online English teacher.

Teaching online makes for a great side job for teachers or something you can do full-time!

Become an online tutor

If teaching English isn’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of online opportunities to tutor various subjects.

Skooli is an online platform that connects teachers with students who need help with math, science, languages, humanities or subjects at different grade levels.

Teachers working on Skooli have two options: they can teach scheduled classes or be available as online support, to give instant help to students in need.

Both systems allow tutors to set their schedules, teaching subjects they are passionate about.

Become an online coach

If helping others reach their potential is what gets you out of bed in the morning, why not become an online coach?

This might require a little training if you want to become a certified life coach.

But as a teacher, you’ve got charisma, patience, people skills and the power to motivate others. You already have all the hallmarks of a great coach.

Starting a home-based coaching business may take a little time, but it could provide a long-term income doing something you love.

Jobs for teachers who love their subject matter

Become a curriculum developer

Again, you already have the qualifications and experience you need for this one!

You know what works or not in the classroom.

And you can put that knowledge to use as a curriculum developer.

One of the most exciting parts of the job is the power you have to architect the whole learning pathway from A to Z and help other teachers and students in the process.

Search major job boards for opportunities in mainstream education and for private companies.

Sell your teaching resources

Look through your teaching files and what will you find?

Your most precious, home-made teaching resource. The ones you return to frequently because they never let you down.

So, why not share them with other teachers – and get paid for it while you’re at it?

Sites like Teachers Pay Teachers provide an online library of teaching resources supplied by real-life teachers. Some resources are free, but others are paid for.

If you’ve been teaching for a while and have a good stock of resources built up, sharing them online can be a great source of passive income.

All you have to do is create a profile and upload it to the site.

Become an online researcher

If you love finding answers to your students’ tricky questions, you could make a great online researcher.

Online platforms like Wonder hire researchers to respond to client questions.

Whenever you log on, you’ll find client requests that have been assigned to you.

Your job is then to research the answers, and break down what you find into a digestible response.

All in a day’s work for a teacher!

Jobs teachers can do from home to earn extra cash on the side

Jobs for teachers who give great feedback

Grade papers and get paid

You’re fully trained to grade papers, so you should get paid extra for it.

Companies like Pearson offer teachers $10-12 per hour for “scoring” papers using standardized tests as a guide.

You’ll need a reliable internet connection and a computer, as well as time to commit to weekly hours.

Become a website tester

Giving constructive criticism is something teachers are experts in. So how about using those skills in a completely new context?

Companies like User Testing or Try My UI pay website testers to explore new sites and then share their user experience.

You’ll give your opinions and make recommendations for what could be improved. Sounds easy enough, right?

Average pay is around $10 for a 20-minute test, and more for interviews, and testers can work on their schedule.

Jobs for teachers who are super organized

Work as an admin support

Admin support roles are perfect for teachers who love planning.

A typical role might include working with a business, or an individual, to manage their calendar, make arrangements, book engagements and even draft emails.

If you’re the kind of teacher who has lessons planned out for the next few months and is always on top of your deadlines, admin support could be a natural fit.

Check out Boldly for long-term executive assistant roles you can do from home.

Become a virtual assistant

Virtual assistants help businesses put in place and maintain organization systems.

This might mean handling databases, scheduling content, writing reports, editing and proofreading documents, or scheduling tasks.

Teachers who love neatly organized classroom supplies and indexed filing systems: this is your place to shine.

Take a look at Upwork for freelance and part-time virtual assistant positions.

Work as a transcriber

Working as a transcriber means typing up transcripts from audio recordings.

Obviously, this will suit teachers with an eagle eye for detail, and a passion for English grammar. It’ll help if you’re a fast typer too!

Companies such as TranscribeMe and REV offer flexible hours and regular payment.

You’ll need a computer and a good internet connection to get started.

Although you might be asked to take a test to prove your language skills, no prior experience is necessary.

A man painting art a job that teachers can do from home.

Jobs for creative teachers

Become a freelance writer

Teachers come home from work every day full of stories, so how about writing some of them down?

There is a vast market for education writers on blogs and websites.

Having teaching experience is not only a bonus; it’s where you’ll get all your best ideas.

You could begin by starting your own blog. But if you want to dip a toe in the water first, try checking out some sites that pay education writers or seeing whether the sites you read accept pitches. Then, send over some of your ideas!

Teach a creative skill

If you’re a teacher with a creative hobby like music, painting, drawing, decorating or graphic design, to name a few, you could combine your passion with your professional skills to make tutorials on Youtube or another platform.

Platforms like Skillshare give teachers the tools they need to make video classes teaching creative skills.

Once your videos are online, students can access them whenever they want to, making them a potential source of passive income.

For most creatives, working out how to teach their skill is the main hurdle. But, as a teacher, well, you’ve got that down already!

What else are you awesome at?

Teaching is one of those jobs that people do because they’re passionate about it.

Teachers who want to work from home who still want to teach will find plenty of online teaching jobs.

The jobs in this list just scratch the surface of some of the jobs you can do from home.

The more skills you can think of, the more jobs that will open up to you.

So, what else are you awesome at? Turn your passions into a side hustle.

And remember, if you can find lots of jobs teaching English online over at our job board!

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