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Teach Away Job Fairs 2017: Your Questions Answered

You may have heard the exciting news that Teach Away is teaming up with International School Services (ISS) to host our first ever international teacher job fairs in early 2017!

The hiring fairs give teachers a unique opportunity to connect face to face with top international schools for a chance to interview for the most exciting teaching positions abroad. It’s worth bearing in mind that job fair spots are limited and demand is high so make sure you apply as soon as possible for a chance to attend.

We had lots of questions from our audience at our recent Facebook Live Q&A about the job fairs. We’ve answered your most common questions below:

When and where are the 2017 fairs happening?

You can apply to attend one of two fairs:

Bangkok: January 5th – 8th

San Francisco: February 10th – 12th

What are the requirements to apply to attend the fairs?

To apply to attend, you must meet at least two of the following criteria:

  • Hold a valid teaching license
  • Have a bachelor’s degree
  • Have at least two year’s relevant, full-time teaching experience

How do I apply to attend the fairs?

Applicants who meet the requirements above will first need to complete their profile on the Teach Away site if they haven’t already done so. Once your profile is complete, you can apply to attend here!

I’ve applied to attend! What happens next?

You will be contacted by a Teach Away representative for an initial prescreen interview. After the prescreen interview has taken place, you will be asked to:

  • submit proof of a valid Criminal Record Check (National level)
  • provide three references
  • complete a pre-interview form

Your application will then be submitted for review. If your application is successful, you will be notified within a few days and receive an invite to attend the job fair!

What kind of jobs are on offer at the fairs?

There will be a broad range of job opportunities available for attendees, including teaching positions across all subjects and grade levels, as well as administrative, support and leadership roles.

What schools are attending?

Over 150 top international schools from around the world will be at the hiring fairs. We’ll have a complete school list posted on the Teach Away website by October 1st, so be sure to check back then!

What’s the cost of attending the fairs?

Admission to the fairs is completely free and by invitation only.

How do the fairs work?

The fair is a four- or five-day event where you’ll have the unique opportunity to personally meet with school administrators from all over the world, interview for teaching positions at a variety of top-tier international schools, and receive on-the-spot job offers. You should aim to attend every day so that you maximize your chance of getting your dream teaching job abroad.

Here’s what you can expect each day to look like:

  • Day 1. You’ll attend an orientation session, school presentations, check out the positions available and have your questions answered by experienced overseas recruiters.
  • Day 2. There will be an interview sign-up period where you’ll get the chance to choose which schools you want to interview with. Some interviews will begin immediately, so this is the day you should not miss!
  • Days 3 – 5. Your opportunity to interview, make connections and ask questions!

For the nitty-gritty details, you can also download the full fair schedules for Bangkok and San Francisco.

How do I find out salary and benefits for the jobs on offer?

Salary and Benefits information packets will be made available to you on arrival at the fair.

Keep in mind that it’s worth doing your own research beforehand as salaries and benefits will vary from position to position, school to school and country to country. Check out the individual country pages on the Teach Away site for more information on the salary and benefits you can expect for each particular country. Remember to ask specific questions regarding the packages during your one-on-one interviews, as these tend to vary across schools.

Hopefully you have a clearer understanding of how the Teach Away job fairs work! If you have any other questions, please comment below or contact your Teach Away representative. We hope to see you in Bangkok or San Francisco very soon!

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