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Effective Online Teaching Strategies Course

Online instruction takes creativity. Smoothly transition from traditional classrooms to online teaching. Create an engaging online classroom where every learner reaches their full potential.

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Effective Online Teaching Strategies Course

Make your virtual classroom a great place to learn.

What to expect

What to expect

You’ll get access to three engaging online modules around how to better prepare, plan and teach effectively online.

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Study at your own pace

Study at your own pace

The lessons are designed to fit around your schedule. Study anytime and anywhere. Lessons are always available on-demand for your convenience.

Earn a certificate

Earn a certificate

You can complete the course in 20 hours. When you’re done, you’ll earn a certificate and be ready to take on the complexities and challenges of teaching in an online learning environment.

Who is this course for?

Course Curriculum

Module 1: The Online Learning Environment

After this lesson you will be able to differentiate between the main points of current learning theory: constructivism, community of inquiry, connectivism and identify online teaching strategies based on each learning theory approach.

This lesson helps you articulate the advantages and disadvantages of teaching and learning online and understand and use some of the key terms used in the Online Learning Environment.

You will be able to list some of the elements of your current online learning environment and note some factors in your current online environment that can be improved.

Module 2: The Online Educator and Learner

Learn how to use technology to assess and develop your teaching methods. Find out how different learning styles can impact online learning and the student’s experience.

Focusing on the learner and all different types of learning styles. Make learning easier for students by adapting elements of online learning to meet the needs of the diverse learner.

Module 3: Online Lesson Planning

You’ll learn the fundamentals of sticky learning. Explore the skills necessary to develop your own community of knowledge, write a script for an entire lesson, create a storyboard or journal entry to reflect different parts of the lesson.

This lesson gives you the chance to reflect on your teaching ideas and education style as well as connect with teacher communities online to learn more insight into online teaching and ultimately help you in becoming the best online teacher possible for your students.

Meet your Course Creator

Teresa Avery

Teresa Avery , Ph.D. Student

Course Creator and Designer

Teresa is a Ph.D. student in the Doctor of Philosophy, CSTD program at the University of Toronto, OISE, Canada. Her research focuses on making online conversations more meaningful and best practices for online teaching. Teresa is passionate about online teaching and learning as relevant online courses have a real-world advantage.

Teresa has been involved in international programming, publicity and education for over 25 years. She loves helping teachers and students develop community online and face-to-face and creating learning opportunities that are unique for different audiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

No! This course isn't required to secure a job online, but the education landscape is changing and the demand for online learning is growing around the world.

Traditional teacher training does not typically provide in-depth insight into 100% online education, Effective Online Teaching Strategies: Creating Smarter Virtual Classrooms gives educators the tools and strategies teachers need to navigate teaching in the online space successfully.

No. A TEFL certification and a bachelor’s degree are the standard requirements for many ESL or English as a Second Language jobs.

However, we recommend adding the Effective Online Teaching Strategies course to your list of qualifications as it will boost your resume, prepare you for online jobs in addition to in-person roles and provide you with greater job flexibility.

We recommend pairing Effective Online Teaching Strategies with the OISE TEFL or I-House UC Berkeley TEFL course. Learn more about our TEFL programs here.

Yes! While nothing can replace the in-class experience, the challenges of the online classroom can often be fairly different.

This course will help you gain a deeper insight into:

  • How online teaching differs from in-person teaching
  • The advantages and disadvantages of teaching online
  • Some of the challenges you’ll face as an online teacher and how you can overcome them
  • Online teaching strategies for different types of learners
  • How you can become a more effective online teacher
  • How to create a successful online lesson plan

By the end of this course, you’ll be ready to take on the complexities and challenges of teaching in an online learning environment and hold the tools and strategies you need to quickly adapt to online teaching and design a modern classroom experience that suits every learner.

Upon completion of this 20-hour course, participants will be issued a digital certificate issued by Teach Away.

This course does not count towards any Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

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