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international recruiter sitting at desk applying teacher recruitment strategies from the international education recruitment report 2023 from teach away

We are proud to announce the release of our 6th annual International Education Recruitment Report for 2023. As the international education market continues to evolve, the hiring process has become increasingly complex. We surveyed thousands of teachers to give you invaluable insights into teacher recruitment and retention in 2023 and beyond.

This 40-page report illustrates the in-depth look we had at the biggest challenges facing teacher recruitment and retention and offers data-driven insights and actionable strategies to help ensure successful recruitment for the next year and years to come.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll find in the new International Education Recruitment Report 2023.

Understanding And Leveraging Candidate Motivation To Teach Abroad

What motivates teachers to teach abroad? What reservations do they have? Discover the surprising findings of our survey, including what tops salary and benefits on the list of motivators. Plus, find out why 35% of respondents had no concerns about teaching overseas.

Standing Out In A Candidate Driven Market

The teacher shortage has worsened since the pandemic. With the increasing demand for qualified teachers, the competition for top talent is fierce. Did you know that 75% of the teaching candidates we surveyed would forego additional salary for a better benefits package?

The report includes tips and insights from potential teaching candidates to help schools navigate a candidate-driven market. We asked candidates for feedback about their experience with recruitment processes at each stage: from the online experience and induction stage to the onboarding and compensation package offers stage. Explore more data to find out how to stand out in a candidate-driven market with the right tools in place for a smooth hiring process with the best candidates.

Streamlining Technology Effectively Should Be Part Of Your Recruitment Strategy

Technology is not just a tool. From your school’s website to your email, video, and social platforms, technology is the front door that all of your candidates walk through.

Streamlining technology should be part of your recruitment strategy, from the job postings you make to the communication platforms you use. Introducing candidates to your school in a smooth, positive way on every technological interface you use is key in order to attract and retain qualified candidates. Learn more about how making a few small changes to your job posting and contact process can make all the difference in successful hiring.

Maximizing Teacher Retention

Teacher retention is still a challenge for most schools. With the high demand for qualified teachers, it can be difficult to keep them in the same position for long periods of time.

This report provides insight into how to ensure successful long-term careers for teachers, including strategies to reduce stress and workload, attract and retain candidates with competitive salaries and benefits, foster meaningful inclusive work culture, and invest in professional development for teachers.

Creating Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) Policies For A Talented Teaching Workforce

Teaching candidates are enthusiastic about DEIJ policies – and for good reason. We take a look at some successful DEIJ initiatives that schools are implementing to inspire ideas and set a benchmark.

Download The 2023 International Education Recruitment Report

Recruitment is a complex process. But with these insights, we can ensure better recruitment processes to attract and retain the best teachers. We hope this report will provide your school with the information you need for a successful year ahead.

Download the International Education Recruitment Report 2023 where you’ll find more data-driven insights and best practices.