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school leaders downloading the international education recruitment report 2024 by teach away

In the dynamic landscape of international education, recruiting and retaining top-notch teachers is an ongoing challenge for schools worldwide. 

As we step into 2024, Teach Away proudly presents the 7th annual International Education Recruitment Report (IERR), a comprehensive guide enriched with data-driven insights and actionable strategies to empower schools in overcoming the hurdles of teacher recruitment and retention.

Survey Highlights

Conducted in December 2023, the IERR is based on a meticulous survey that engaged over 6,000 current and prospective international teachers. These invaluable, first-hand insights provide a deeper understanding of the teacher recruitment and retention landscape in 2024, paving the way for strategic decision-making.

Key Features of the Report

Expert Analysis

What sets the IERR apart is not just the data but the layers of expertise woven throughout. Backed by analysis and advice from seasoned professionals in international education recruitment, this report isn’t just a collection of findings—it’s a strategic playbook crafted to empower schools with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

Practical Recommendations

Packed with practical recommendations, the report acts as a guide for schools seeking to refine their teacher recruitment and retention strategies in 2024. From attracting top educators to fostering a sustainable school culture, this year’s IERR provides actionable steps to enhance the overall educational experience.

Report Highlights

1. Understanding Teacher Retention and Attrition

Are teachers still considering leaving the industry? 48.98% have considered applying their teaching skills to work in another industry outside of education.

Discourse around teacher retention and attrition continues in 2024. 

This year’s report uncovers reasons why teachers would not renew a contract at their current school, attrition indicators, and a list in order of the top factors that would help retain teachers, as ranked by the teachers themselves.

2. Teacher Recruitment, Induction, and Onboarding

In the competitive landscape of teacher recruitment, the decision-making process for educators hinges significantly on the information and support provided by prospective schools. Our survey reveals that a substantial 60% of teachers are deterred from applying to a school when there is a lack of information about the institution or the job location. 

This underscores the critical importance of transparency in school communications, as teachers seek a clear understanding of where they may potentially build their professional careers. Additionally, when exploring the type of pre-departure support deemed most valuable by teachers, the findings shed light on key factors that can tip the scales in favor of one school over another. 

At the forefront of teachers’ preferences are essential elements such as visa assistance, financial guidance, and the opportunity to connect with expats. Schools that recognize and prioritize these needs in their support offerings are likely to stand out as attractive options for educators seeking a seamless transition to a new professional chapter. 

These insights provide valuable guidance for school leaders aiming to tailor their recruitment strategies to align with the expectations and preferences of today’s discerning teachers.

3. Teacher Wellness: Best Practices for Sustainable Schools

teacher scores school high on teacher job satisfaction pictured with students

Establishing a culture of teacher wellness support is pivotal for schools aiming to foster a positive and sustainable environment for their educators. 

Our survey reveals two key findings: first, only 55% of schools invest in professional development, emphasizing the need for ongoing learning to boost job satisfaction and retention. Schools prioritizing continuous development create an atmosphere where educators feel valued. Second, the survey highlights the critical role of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) in shaping a positive school culture. Prioritizing DEIJ initiatives aligns schools with educator values and contributes to a supportive and enriching environment. 

In essence, these findings, along with others in the report, guide schools in cultivating a culture of teacher wellness.

4. Technological Advancement & Online Learning

The role of online learning in schools is evolving, with 46% of surveyed institutions incorporating online teaching into their methodologies. This shift underscores the increasing recognition of the benefits and flexibility that online learning can offer in the educational landscape. What’s more, a notable 75% of teachers express a willingness to adapt to online teaching. This willingness demonstrates educators’ adaptability and openness to embracing innovative teaching methods, providing schools with an opportunity to explore and optimize online learning as part of their educational strategies.

Interestingly, when teachers were asked to rank their teaching style preferences, the findings revealed a hierarchy with in-person teaching as the most favored, followed by blended learning. Online teaching emerged as the least preferred method. “

– IERR 2024

Understanding these preferences is crucial for schools as they navigate the integration of digital environments. To successfully bridge learning gaps in online teaching, schools should consider not only the technological aspects but also aligning instructional methods with educators’ preferences to create a harmonious and effective learning experience for both teachers and students.

Teach Away’s International Education Recruitment Report 2024 is a vital tool for schools navigating the complexities of teacher recruitment and retention. 

These glimpses into the International Education Recruitment Report 2024 merely scratch the surface of the wealth of knowledge encapsulated within its pages. These highlights offer a tantalizing preview, providing a snapshot of the intricate tapestry of insights, nuanced analysis, and actionable strategies that await school leaders within the full report. 

Think of this as the tip of the iceberg, offering a taste of the comprehensive data that will empower your school’s approach to teacher recruitment, retention, and overall well-being. 

To truly navigate the landscape of international education in 2024, delve into the complete document, where a trove of invaluable information is ready to guide you toward creating thriving, sustainable educational environments. 

Teach Away’s International Education Recruitment Report 2024 is a vital tool for schools navigating the complexities of teacher recruitment and retention. 

Download the International Education Recruitment Report 2024 now to gain access to first-hand insights, expert analysis, and practical recommendations that will empower your institution to create a sustainable, thriving educational environment in 2024 and beyond.