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About the Report

Teach Away’s 7th annual International Education Recruitment Report provides international schools with data-driven insights and actionable strategies to overcome their biggest challenges in teacher recruitment and retention in 2024.

Based on a December 2023 survey of more than 6,000 current and prospective international teachers

Supported by analysis and advice from experts in international education recruitment

Full of practical recommendations to guide your teacher recruitment & retention strategy in 2024

We surveyed thousands of teachers to give you invaluable, first-hand insights into teacher recruitment and retention in 2024.

Discover what teachers truly value and desire, and learn how to leverage these insights for your school’s success.

Understand Teacher Retention and Attrition

Gain insights into teacher retention and attrition, uncovering the factors that keep educators committed or lead them to leave. Our report offers strategies to enhance retention, understanding teachers’ needs and creating a supportive environment for their long-term professional growth.

Teacher Recruitment, Induction, and Onboarding

Discover the latest trends in attracting top educators, from crafting compelling job postings to utilizing innovative recruiting technologies. Our report guides you through impactful induction and onboarding processes, ensuring new teachers quickly feel integral and prepared. Streamline your recruitment and set the stage for lasting educator success.

Teacher Wellness: Best Practices to Support Sustainable Schools

Explore vital strategies for improving teacher wellbeing, demonstrating a commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ), and nurturing professional development. Our report delves into creating a supportive, inclusive environment that prioritizes educator health, fosters diverse and equitable workplaces, and encourages continual professional growth for a thriving, sustainable school culture.

Technological Advancement & Online Learning

Learn about the increasing role of online learning in schools, the willingness of educators to adapt to online teaching, and the need for strategies to address learning gaps in digital environments. Our insights will guide you in integrating online teaching methods effectively, ensuring your school stays at the forefront of educational innovation and meets the evolving needs of both teachers and students.

Ready to start creating a healthier teacher pipeline?