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recruiters sitting in an office deploying sustainable recruitment strategy tactics

As an international school, you understand the importance of maintaining a reliable and talented workforce. A sustainable recruitment strategy is essential in the ever-evolving international education industry. Here are six tips for creating an effective international school recruitment strategy and building a reliable talent pipeline.

  1. Recognize you have a transient workforce and build a talent acquisition strategy. To ensure that you consistently have a pool of talented teachers, create a recruitment strategy that covers every step, from finding potential candidates to selecting and onboarding the most suitable ones for your school. This should include a plan to identify, attract, and hire the best candidates for your school. 
  2. Own your strengths and develop an employer value proposition (EVP). What makes it great to teach at your school? What makes it stand out from other international schools? Develop an EVP that speaks to the unique benefits of teaching at your school and use it to attract the best talent. 
  3. Be proactive, not reactive. Building talent pools and connections all year is key to having a successful recruitment strategy. Don’t wait until you need to fill a position to start looking for candidates. 
  4. Systems and automation can be your best friend. Create recruitment cadences and track your efforts. Automation can help you stay organized and efficient when it comes to recruiting. 
  5. Your current staff can be your biggest ambassadors. Involve them in your hiring process. Ask your current staff to refer qualified candidates and use them as a resource to help you find the best talent. 
  6. Help is out there! Use platforms or partners who can help best position your school with the right audiences. Many options are available, from online job boards and employment websites to teacher recruitment agencies specializing in your industry. Don’t forget to consider marketing your school through social media and other digital channels to reach the widest possible audience. With the right strategy in place, you can ensure a steady stream of qualified teachers to fill your positions.

Developing a successful international school recruitment strategy requires thorough research, attention to detail and a thorough understanding of your needs and goals. But with the right planning in place, you can build an effective strategy that will help deliver outstanding results.

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