Over the years, Cempaka has been the nation’s leading brand in Education. Graduates of Cempaka themselves gain entry into the most prestigious universities in the world. Many alumni have gone on to fulfill our motto of Making a Difference. We invite candidates to join us in doing exactly that on a daily basis, making a difference in the lives of students. This is an exciting opportunity to join a family of educators in a uniquely challenging, rewarding and supportive learning environment. As you nurture the students’ development, your own professional development shall be nurtured as well.

We expect a Cempakan Teacher to:

  • Bring a balanced set of personal and professional goals
  • Recognise the importance of developing strong meaningful relationships with students
  • Value local culture and diversity
  • Have strong interpersonal skills and work well in teams
  • Actively seek opportunities to develop and enhance their teaching practice
  • Embrace change

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