Situated in Indera Mahkota,our new academic building and multi-purpose athletics/arts hall are the marvel of Kuantan and Pahang. Equipped with state-of-the-art science labs and the latest technology, our school is a true beauty. ISK provides the ideal environment for students to learn and grow.

ISK utilizes an American curriculum, which is based upon standards and growth models created in the United States of America, which are used around the globe.  The American system provides learning and content just as other internationally recognized systems, but with a stronger focus on providing students with opportunities to become leaders and excellent communicators through critical thinking and problem solving skills.  ISK also closely monitors the growth of students’ skills and abilities by using internationally normed tests, such as the MAP and PSAT which monitor student learning. At the high school level, Advanced Placement courses coupled with SAT exam results, ensure that our graduates get into the universities of their choice. By graduating with an American High School Diploma, ISK students are able to bypass additional years of education, such as Form 6, foundation year, or A levels, altogether, and directly enter into the bachelor degree program of their choice.

Classes are taught by highly qualified instructors, who are committed to international standards of excellence. ISK teachers are dedicated to the development of students as individuals, and they work to ensure that each and every student learns in an environment that is both nurturing and challenging. Students are able to explore their interests and curiosities by having exposure to the following: different cultures (we offer both French and Mandarin instruction), the arts (our music and art departments allow students to showcase their true talents and genius), and highly rigorous academic content (our Advanced Placement program offers university-level courses in the high school).

Most importantly, The International School of Kuantan values the contributions that parents make in the education of their children. We believe that the role that family plays in development is key to the academic and personal growth and wellbeing of students. As a school, we strive to provide open communication and opportunities to work together in ensuring that students are best prepared to take on the rigors and challenges of life.

Please come and experience the American Difference for yourself. This includes: individualized instruction based on data-driven levels of performance, greater opportunity for personal expression and growth, exposure to the arts and athletics. By graduating with an American high school diploma, ISK students are able to enter into the university program of their choice.

Enrollment is year-round, and I would be more than happy to show you around our campus personally and tell you more about our school, the American Difference, and what ISK can do to help your family achieve their educational goals.

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