In 1983 four local families, inspired by the city’s need for a bilingual school,  and driven by their great philanthropic spirit, founded the Corporación Educativa Bilingüe de Santa Marta, which then led to the device of the Colegio Bilingüe Santa Marta CBSM that same year. CBSM is a private, non-profit, co-educational institution, calendar B (from August to June) which, so far, has seen graduate 851 students distributed in 26 promotions.

Aware of the need to train new generations to develop the city and the country, CBSM frames its philosophy in the search for integral education, developing in students the maximum potential in the ethical, spiritual, intellectual, artistic and physical dimensions, based on Christian Catholic values, without detriment to the freedom of worship enshrined in the constitution of our country.

To cultivate our students with open mindsets and the ability to problem solve, we build and create our curriculum keeping in mind Colombian basic standards as well as international standards such as Common Core, California’s and Chile’s standards, among others. Our curriculum takes into consideration diverse ways of learning and to accomplish it; as a framework for our curriculum development, we have adopted the Teaching for Understanding methodology in the classrooms and Understanding by Design like planning style. With these frameworks, we look forward to better the learning of each student and provide the teachers with resources that respond to the 21st-century students learning needs.

Currently, the school holds an ISO9001-2015 Quality System Accreditation Certification and the IQNET certification which was renewed in April 2017. The school is recently accredited as well as International School by AdvancED; this accreditation was granted to CBSM on January 2019.

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