Founded in 2011, Five Stars Academy (FSA) is a private, highly-academic institution that combines the home-schooling philosophy of focusing on the individual student with the expertise of professional, experienced, certified teachers. We have the flexibility of choices expected in an experimental school while offering an Internationally Accredited Diploma. FSA provides opportunities for students to learn self- sufficiency, to develop leadership skills and understand the impact they can have on their surroundings. Using recycled shipping containers as classrooms, integrating animals and hydroponic gardens into learning, and teaching the importance of limiting a carbon footprint is part of daily life at FSA. Whether through classroom studies, mission work in and out of Panama, the diverse range of learning and growing opportunities available from living in the interior of Panama, or the student’s daily exposure to out-of-the-box thinking and problem solving, the goal is to tap into the best our students have to offer for themselves and for the World. With the average class size of less than 10 students to 1 instructor, we are able to maintain high expectations while providing individual support. Located in Santa Clara, Panama, 90 minutes west of Panama City, 25 countries comprise our student body. We began with 5 young students and have grown to 100+. Five Stars Academy graduated its first class of 5 in May 2019.

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